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Bernie Sanders Urges Democrats to get involved in Local Politics

US Senator Bernie Sanders - former presidential candidate

Senator Bernie Sanders has called on Democrats, Liberals and Independents to become involved in politics at the local level.

He said that is the only way we can take our country back from the Republicans.

Speaking in Florida during a recent “Come Together and Fight Back” tour, the Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate said Democrats and independents must break the mold and get involved in local races for “school board, city council, state legislature or whatever it is.”

“People are not involved if you’re not thinking about running for school board, city council, state legislature or whatever it is,” said Sanders.

“So what I am imploring you is break through the mold. Do things you have never done before. Get involved in every and any way that you think makes sense,” sanders added.

More than 2000 people attended the event at the James L. Knight Center in Miami.

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