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A Failing Presidency

Would Jesus approve of Donald Trump

Donald Trump assumed office with a promise to “win, win, win.” So far, he has not accomplished anything meaningful after more than 100 days in office.

“We’re going to win, win, win and you’re going to love it,” Trump told his supporters last year during the campaign.

Today, he is without a major legislative victory. His bid to overhaul the signature healthcare law known as Obamacare has fallen flat twice despite his party, the Republican Party, controlling the White House, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

During the campaign, Trump positioned himself as a businessman who knows how “to do deals”. He told his supporters during one of his signature rallies that “Obama (former President Barack Obama) was weak because “he could not get any legislation” passed through the Senate and House of Representatives.

“Elect me president and you will see how many deals I can do. It is easy. I am a deal maker. I know how to make deals. That is what I have done my whole life. Infact, if you can’t make deals, you should not be president,” Trump said to loud ovation from his supporters.

So what happened? Did Trump suddenly lose his deal-making ability?

Experts believe President Trump is a man who has no idea what he is doing.

Vox’s Matthew Yglesias wrote that during his meeting with the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, it was quite obvious Trump was in over his head.

“Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This became clear when he said he realized dealing with North Korea was “not so easy” after 10 minutes with the Chinese president,” Yglesias wrote.

The Trump administration has also been besieged by so many problems.

From FBI investigations into illegal contacts between his transition team and the Russians during the campaign to his inability to make up his mind on important issues, it is quickly becoming clear to political observers that the United States may have elected a man who is grossly unqualified to be president.

The president and members of his administration have lied about so many issues including the absurd claim that former president Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower despite the obvious lack of evidence.

He has also changed his mind on so many promises he made during the campaign that it is impossible to know where he stands on anything or what his core values are.

He has changed his mind on Russian President, Vladimir Putin, China currency manipulation, NATO, NAFTA, just to name a few.

His much ballyhooed tax reform does not appear to be going anywhere at the moment.

Lisa Nelson, CEO of the conservative-aligned American Legislative Exchange Council told the Committee for Economic Development policy conference recently that she does not believe that Trump will be able to move his proposed tax reform through U.S. Congress.

“Do I think it’s going to happen? Probably not. But it’s such a missed opportunity,” she said

Trump’s signature promise to “build a wall, a very beautiful wall” along the border with Mexico has hit a snag too.

Not a single member of Congress from southwest border territory has agreed to support his $1.4 billion budget request to construct the wall.

Americans have also turned against the idea of building the wall. According to results from a recent survey by PRRI, 58% of Americans oppose Trump’s plan to build the border wall.


Survey - Donald Trump 100 Days in Office

Assessing Trump’s first 100 days in office, David Catanese wrote in US News and World Report that he “is without a crowning legislative achievement. His approval rating has hit a historic low. And his nebulous governing philosophy appears to be driven primarily by in-the-moment impulse rather than long-term strategic outlook.”

Simply put, Donald Trump is incompetent, in over his head and has no idea how to get himself out of the mess he is in.

The presidency of Donald Trump is a huge mess. It is a failing presidency and he is leading the country down the wrong path.

Editor, The Liberal Advocate News




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