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Can Schumer, Senate Democrats Learn from Mitch McConnell and the GOP?

Chuck Schumer, Senate Democratic Leader

For eight year Republican Senators led by Mitch McConnell (R-KY) used every tactic to disrupt and stymie the agenda put forth by President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

From the stimulus bill to war on terror and Supreme Court nominations, the GOP was resolute in their opposition. Their goal was simple: make it impossible for Democrats to succeed and easier for GOP candidates to win the next election.

Before President Obama was sworn into office, Senator McConnell was meeting with his Republican Senate colleagues and declaring that his number one priority was to “make Obama a one term president.”

Obama won a second term but was frustrated at every turn by the strong Republican opposition to his agenda.

Today the table is turned. Senator McConnell is the U.S. Senate leader, the GOP is in control of the House of Representatives, The Senate and the Oval Office.

But the question every Liberal, Democrat and Independent is asking themselves, 100 days into the already disastrous Donald Trump presidency is this: Can we trust Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Democratic Senators to hold the line against the GOP runaway train?

Can we trust the Democrats to stay together and stop this madness known as the Trump presidency?

Earlier this month, the Democrats achieved their biggest victory yet against President Trump and the GOP during the budget negotiations aimed at avoiding a government shutdown.

According to media reports, the Democrats walked away from the negotiating table with just about everything they demanded and stopped President Trump from getting funding for his projects including the ill-advised and unnecessary wall on the U.S. Mexican border.

The Democrats were also able to save the funding for Planned Parenthood, the National Parks and Endowment for the Arts, among other organizations. They also saved the Affordable Care, aka Obamacare, from devastating funding cuts.

Those are noteworthy achievements, no doubt, but they are just the starting block if Liberals, Democrats and Independents are to trust their leaders in the U.S Senate.

Senator Schumer must find a way to keep the team unified in their opposition. This drives President Trump, who is known to have thin skin, up the wall and he is not known for his ability to mask his disappointments.

Frustrated by the efforts of the Democratic leader, President Trump has lashed out at Schumer.

“Senator Schumer is a bad leader. I’ve known him for a long time. Senator Schumer is a bad leader, not a natural leader at all,” Trump told supporters at a rally in Harrisburg, Pa., earlier this month according to a report by The Hill newspaper.

During an interview on a CBS news program and again on Fox News, President Trump lashed out again at Schumer, calling the New York Democrat “extremely obstructionist.”

But Trump is not the only Republican leader getting frustrated. Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) called Schumer ‘s tactics “very successful.”

“If slowing things and pitching a fit is successful, he was very successful,” Senator Hatch said.

“They dislike Trump so much that they literally did everything to try and destroy his presidency right off the bat,” Hatch continued.

That is a good sign but Liberals, Democrats and Independents must not relax.

Schumer has been known to go soft and try to negotiate with the Republicans.

“When Republicans work with us, we can get things done,” Schumer said only days after the budget victory, a comment Liberals and Independents interpreted as an indication that he is willing to negotiate with Republicans and perhaps compromise on his values, on future bills.

The goal should be to remain united in the House of Representatives and Senate. That is what helped the Republican Party take over the House, Senate and Oval office.

Any compromise will be a mistake. Let’s hope the Democrats in the Senate have learnt that very simple lesson.

Senator Mitch McConnell thought us for eight years that it is not about getting things done, it is about winning the next election. Anything less from Schumer will be an act of betrayal.

We are watching.

Editor, The Liberal Advocate News




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