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Georgia Democrats Urge Sally Yates to Run for Governor

Sally Yates

Run Sally, Run!

Georgia Democrats can’t wait to have former Acting U.S. Attorney General and Donald Trump nemesis Sally Yates in the 2018 governorship race.

Sally Yates is so hot right now that efforts are underway to draft her.

President Donald Trump fired her in January but her likeability among Democrats and Liberals is very high. As a staunch opponent of Trump, friends and foes alike believe that her future belongs in politics.

The push to draft here is intensifying following her testimony this week about the Justice Department’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election and the relationship that exists between Trump campaign senior staffers and Russian intelligence.

National Democrats as well as some democratic leaders in her home state of Georgia are pushing her to run.

“Her clashes with Trump and her refusal to bow to his wishes have positioned her to run for the GA governorship. There is no question that we all want her to run in 2018,” one prominent Georgia Democrat told us this week.

“She is the embodiment of the Democratic resistance. We will love it if she will agree to run.”

Yates worked for 27 years in the Justice Department before she was fired and so far, she has not given any indication that she is willing to run for any elected office. Still Georgia Democrats said this week her presence will alter the gubernatorial race.

“Sally Yates’s calm and strong demeanor showed me she could be a great governor of Georgia. … Her bold resistance, and how she stood up to a president who ordered her to do something unlawful and unconstitutional, has catapulted her profile,” said Tharon Johnson, a Georgia Democratic strategist who was an aide to former President Barack Obama.

Tharon added that Sally Yates “will have to give Georgians a really good reason why she’s not considering running for a constitutional office in 2018.”

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is one of those leaders clamoring for Yates to get in the race.

He said that he is “very hopeful that she will give the race very strong consideration.”

One of the qualities Democrats like about Yates is her refusal to be intimidated or humiliated.

“It strengthens her candidacy — the fact that she’s dealing with issues at a very high level, the fact that she’s gone toe-to-toe with some of the leading folks on the national stage. She can bring that gravitas to the local stage,” one Georgia Democrat told The Hill newspaper.

During her appearance before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, she sparred with Texas Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz.
After confirming her warning to the White House about the dangers posed by former Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, Senator Cornyn (R-TX) blasted her for essentially not towing the Trump line.

Yates turned the table on the senators, reminding them that the senators asked her during her confirmation in 2015 if she would stand up to the president if she felt she had a reason to do so, and she told them that she would.

“I made a determination that I believed it was unlawful and inconsistent with the principles of the Department of Justice, and I said no. That’s what I promised you I would do, and that’s what I did,” Yates said.

That is why Georgia Democrats can’t wait to see her name on the ballot in 2018.

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