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To Gauge Democrats’ Chances in 2018, Watch These Runoff Races

Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan

The 2018 mid-term election is still months away but Liberals and Democrats believe the party is poised to take back the United States Senate or House of Representatives.

Political experts are not so sure.

Yes, the anger this time appears to be on the left but political observers say that may not translate to votes come election day.

“It is great to see all these people express their anger. We need that but are they going to come out on election day? That is the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question,” one Democratic insider told us recently. He spoke on the condition of anonymity to allow him to speak freely.

“It is one thing to be angry, it is another to turn out and vote. Traditionally, the Liberal base do not have a great record of turning out for the mid-term election and that is what the Republican Party is banking on,” he added.

To understand the Democrats’ chance next year, experts say to watch what happens in the upcoming elections in Montana, Georgia and South Carolina.

Experts believe that if Democrats can’t win in at least two of these races despite the firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Donald Trump, the revelation that Trump shared classified information with Russia and that the Trump transition team was told that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was under investigation and still decided to hire him, then the party has a huge problem on it’s hands.

“Watch what happens later this month in Montana and next month in Georgia and South Carolina. That will tell you what our chances are going to be in the mid-terms. If we can win in some of these races, then our chances are great. If not, watch out,” he added.

So far in the Georgia June 20 runoff race for the seat vacated by health and Human Services secretary Tom Price, Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Hendel are running neck and neck in the polls.

The Georgia district leans heavily Republican but Democrats are hopeful that current events will help tip the race their way.
The Montana race on May 25 is another one Democrats have high hopes for. So far, country music singer and first-time candidate Rob Quist pulled in an astonishing $3.3 million for the race, an amount that surprised even the GOP.

In South Carolina, Democrat Archie Parnell faces off against a Republican state legislator with decidedly better financing according to sources with knowledge of the races.

In all these races, the GOP is acting as if nothing has changed. They believe their chances of retaining these seats are good.

“House Speaker Paul Ryan has been telling his party that there is no reason to panic. He believes they will not only retain the seats but keep the House and Senate next year,” our source said.

Ryan was in Georgia recently to campaign for Karen Hendel and told those gathered to hear him that he is not panicking and there is no reason for anyone to panic.

“This district is under attack from the left and Nancy Pelosi. What we need to do is work hard and we will be OK,” Ryan told the crowd.

“You know what we’ve got to do this summer? We’ve got to repeal and replace Obamacare. Then we’ve got to take this crazy tax code and replace it with one that actually works. We need Karen Handel to help us do that,” Paul Ryan told a sweltering room full of GOP faithfuls.

He later assured the crowd that GOP will do well in these special elections while avoiding any mention of any issues President Trump is going through or how that may affect the Republican Party.

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