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Slain DNC Staffer’s Family Orders Detective to Stop Talking About their Son

Joel and Mary Rich, parents of Seth Rich

The family of slain Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich has sent a “seize and desist” letter to a DC detective.

They want Rod Wheeler, a Fox News contributor and former Washington, D.C., homicide detective to stop talking about their son or else face legal action.

An attorney representing the family of Mr. Rich, the 27-year old DNC staffer who was murdered last July said the detective’s behavior has created a negative situation and given fuel to right-wing conspiracies about the death of their son.

The murder is still unsolved and detective Rod Wheeler while speaking to a Fox affiliate earlier this week said he believed police were covering up the details of the murder.

The cease and desist letter demands that Wheeler “immediately and permanently” cease and desist from making any comments about Seth Rich or his death.

According to a copy of the letter shared with NBC News, family attorney Joseph Ingrisano of the law firm Katuk Rock told Wheeler that “your statements and actions have caused, and continue to cause, the Family severe mental anguish and emotional distress. Your behavior appears to have been deliberate, intentional, outrageous, and in patent disregard of the Agreement and the obvious damage and suffering it would cause the Family.”

“Your improper and unauthorized statements, many of which are false and have no basis in fact, have also injured the memory and reputation of Seth Rich and have defamed and injured the reputation and standing of the members of the Family,” Ingrisano continued.

Rod Wheeler could bit be reached for comment on this matter.

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