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CNN Fires Comedian Kathy Griffin over Trump Photos

Kathy Griffin

CNN has announced that it is terminating its relationship with comedian Kathy Griffin. This is a news update.

On Wednesday CNN released a statement announcing that Kathy Griffin would not return as Anderson Cooper’s co-host for the network’s New Year’s Eve program.

“CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program,” the news network said in a statement.

The network’s straightforward announcement followed only a day after Griffin posted a graphic photo of herself holding a fake version of President Trump’s decapitated and bloody head.

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The photos were taken by Tyler Shields, a celebrity photographer known for his controversial photoshoots. Hours after the photos were released and sparked public outcry against the photo’s explicit content, Griffin posted an apology video to her Twitter account. She also took the photos down.

Known for her improvisational nature and edgy jokes, Griffin’s banter with Anderson Cooper has been a staple of CNN’s New Year’s Eve program since the pair began co-hosting the event in 2007.

Unfortunately for Griffin, CNN is not the only company which appears to have dropped her in response to the pictures. Griffin was set to star in a new ad campaign for a line of toilet footstools for the company Squatty Potty, but the commercials have been pulled from the air.

Shields did not manage to escape the backlash either, it was announced via Facebook that his performance scheduled for next month at Route 66 Casino Hotel in New Mexico had been cancelled.

Neither Griffin nor Shields have commented on the consequences that followed their photoshoot, but neither can claim ignorance to the possibility of serious repercussions.

Before Griffin released her apology, Shields had posted a behind-the-scenes video which included a clip of Griffin teasing about needing to move to Mexico after the photos were released.

“We’re not surviving this, okay?” She joked.

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