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Russia Successfully Tests Ballistic Missile Impossible to Detect by Western Defenses

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia has tested a “hypersonic” missile system experts believe may be impossible for western defense systems to detect.

European intelligence sources confirmed the successful test of the fifth and final test on “a hypersonic missile which is almost impossible to intercept, and which renders Western defenses obsolete.”

Able to travel at speeds of 3,800mph to 4,600mph or five to six times the speed of sound, the missile could travel the distance from San Francisco to Washington D.C. in approximately 30 minutes, just about one mile per minute.

Producing speeds of Mach 5.0-Mach 6.0, Russia’s 3M22 Zircon hypersonic cruise missile is scheduled for serial production in 2018.

Russian war ship Admiral Nakhimov, currently under maintenance for modernization, will be the first outfitted, followed in 2022 by nuclear-powered Project 11442 Orlan-class battle-cruiser (NATO: Kirov-class) Pyotr Veliky.

According to Moscow based TASS News Agency, “its sheer speed will make it extremely difficult to intercept with current missile defense technology.”

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The TASS News Agency said “the combination of a long-range bomber and hypersonic cruise missiles would be a dangerous threat to the U.S. and its allies.”

In another report by TASS, the Zircon will also be built in air and submarine-launched versions. The agency had previously reported that the Zircon will also be used onboard Russia’s next-generation Husky-class nuclear attack submarines.

Though the U.S. is currently working on hypersonic missile technology, reports from the Pentagon state that the U.S. is nowhere near operational or production phase.

Following U.S. missile strikes on Syria and military deployments around North Korea, the Kremlin released its official logistics report in April claiming speeds up to Mach 8 in test deployments.

According to TASS, “that number takes into account the dependence of the speed of sound on the altitude of flight”.

With Russia admittedly installing the Zircon in its nuclear class submarines and warships, U.S. Naval Special Ops Veterans report to SOFREP News they now have the capability to destroy an aircraft carrier in one strike.

The Zircon technology is not a surprise to U.S. intelligence agencies. The timing of information released by Russian Defense channels can be interpreted as a warning to the United States and its key allies.

Democrats are raising concerns as to whether the escalating investigation into Russian collusion by the current White House could be hampered by threats to national security.

The Trump Administration as well as the Pentagon has yet to release an official statement regarding completion of the missile test launches.

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