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Trump Ignores LGBTQ Community, Fails to Declare June as Pride Month

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Is President Donald Trump deliberately ignoring the LGBTQ community?

The White House’s Office of the Press Secretary this week, released five proclamations announcing all of the celebrations that President Trump recognizes in June. The proclamation did not include recognizing June as Pride Month.

According to the official White House website, President Trump “proclaims” June 2017 to be “National Ocean Month,” “African-American Music Appreciation Month,” “National Caribbean-American Heritage Month,” “Great Outdoors Month,” and “National Homeownership Month.”

June has been established as LGBTQ Pride Month in honor of the June 1969 Stonewall riots, which many consider to be the LGBTQ community’s first mass protest against unfair treatment.

The Stonewall riots took place after police raided a gay club in New York City’s Greenwich Village. The riots turned into days of demonstrations in New York with participants speaking out against Police continually targeting the gay community.

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This year’s Pride Month is an emotional one for many in the gay community. This June 12 will be the one year anniversary of the tragic Pulse nightclub massacre when 49 people lost their lives.

Pulse nightclub was a popular spot for Orlando’s gay community.

The Pulse nightclub attack occurred while President Trump was campaigning for the presidency and he positioned himself as being sympathetic toward the LGBTQ community.

Last June at a rally in Dallas, then candidate Trump said “the LGBT community, these are people that had a place, this was a place of safety,” adding that he believed the terror actor was proof of “what one sleazebag can do.”

President Trump’s sympathy toward the LGBTQ community seemed to dwindle after his election as he reversed Obama-era protections for transgender students wishing to use the bathroom for whichever gender they identify with.

The White House released a statement explaining that, “President Trump has clearly stated he believes policy regarding transgender bathrooms should be decided at the state level,” a decision many believe gave states the freedom to deny transgender students access to restrooms of the gender of which they identify.

While President Trump has been silent on the topic of Pride Month, his daughter Ivanka has been tweeting on the topic.

Ivanka wrote on Twitter that she was “logging back on after Shavuot, wishing everyone a joyful #Pride2017. This month we celebrate and honor the #LGBTQ community.”

“I am proud to support my LGBTQ friends and the LGBTQ Americans who have made immense contributions to our society and economy,” she also wrote in a controversial tweet.

The replies to her tweet mocked her words of goodwill for being insincere. Many twitter users called her a hypocrite for saying she supported the LGBTQ community when she also stood by her father whose policies failed to show a similar support. Ivanka did not respond.

This is the first time the President of the United States has not declared June to be Pride Month in eight years.

The annual proclamation is a tradition started by President Clinton sixteen years ago.

President Bush did not participate in the declaration of goodwill towards the LGBTQ community but President Obama continued in President Clinton’s footsteps for both of his terms.

President Trump’s failure to proclaim June 2017 as National Pride Month while releasing five other proclamations for the month is a telling sign of his viewpoint toward the LGBTQ community.



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