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Kathy Griffin Reacts to CNN Firing, Death Threats Over Trump Photos

Comedian Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin has had a rough week. After posting a vulgar photo of herself holding a bloody prop head styled after President Trump, the criticism and controversy have surrounded her from every angle.

At a press conference on Friday Griffin tearfully lamented the inappropriate photo shoot and the consequences it has brought to her.

“I don’t think I will have a career after this,” Griffin struggled to keep from crying, “I’m going to be honest, he broke me. He broke me.”

After the photos were released last week, Griffin promptly apologized for the misguided photo shoot, directed by photographer Tyler Shields. The images were later removed from the pair’s social media, but not before the U.S. Secret Service was called to investigate the comedian for terrorism.

The photo shoot itself, Griffin explained on Friday, was a loosely planned joke, playing off of President Trump’s comments to former Fox news anchor, Megyn Kelly, during the primaries.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, then candidate Donald Trump in responding to former Fox News host Kelly said she had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out her wherever.”

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Griffin’s apology video, posted to her Twitter account did not calm or quiet those who felt the photo shoot was too radical to be considered funny in any sense.

Donald Trump Jr. and First Lady Melania Trump used their popular Twitter accounts to condemn the comedian. Likewise, President Trump tweeted that his 11 year-old son, Barron was “having a hard time” with the photo. TMZ reported that when he saw Griffin’s image on television, Barron believed the pictures to be real.

Griffin did not comment on Barron Trump seeing the photos, but she seems confident that the Trump family is using Barron to demonize her even further,

“I apologized because that was the right thing to do and I meant it. And then I saw the tide turning, and I saw what they were doing, and I went, ‘Oh, okay, they’re trying to spin this. They’re making it about Barron and obviously that was never my intent. I would never want to hurt anyone, much less a child.”

On Twitter, it has been speculated that Trump creates fake accounts to support all that he and his family says and does. Griffin claims that these fake accounts and the Trump family’s aggression toward her, are a crafted plan with a specific intent.

“My impression is that they have mobilized their armies and their bots or whatever they do,” she asserted, “I get what I am. I’m the shiny object. I get it. We all know what’s going on here. They’re using me as the shiny object so that nobody’s talking about his FBI investigation.”

Due to the vulgar and controversial nature of Griffin’s photos, the comedian’s position as a co-host of CNN’s New Year’s Eve program was terminated, an announcement that Griffin said she found “hurtful.”

Since 2007 Kathy Griffin had been co-hosting the program with Anderson Cooper. Her rapport with her co-host was often a highlight of the annual celebration.

On Tuesday Cooper said that he was appalled by the photos.

“For the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in. It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.”

Asked on Friday if she had been in contact with Cooper since his tweet or her termination from the New Year’s Eve show, Griffin choked back tears and shook her head “no.”

The loss of her position as Cooper’s co-host was not the only consequence to befall Griffin after the controversial photos.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted multiple times demanding to know if CNN would fire Griffin over the photos, then applauded the company, Squatty Potty for pulling their Griffin-led commercial campaign off the air.

“What’s happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country, which is that a sitting President of the United States and his grown children and the first lady are personally, I feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever, forever. You guys know him. He’s never going to stop,” she said.

Griffin also stated that she regrets that what were supposed to be mocking photos came out looking like terrorism shots, but her still-standing apology has not stopped the U.S. Secret Service from launching a criminal investigation against her.

Accompanying the investigation, Griffin laments, are vicious death threats.

“The death threats that I’m getting are constant and they are detailed and they are serious and they are specific,” Griffin explained at the press conference.

“I’m not for everybody. I’m barely an acquired taste, frankly. I’m 56 years old. I’m 110 pounds wet. I’ve had everybody turn on me, and I just want to make people laugh, that’s all I want to do,” she lamented.

In response to whether she would now stop making jokes about Trump or his family, Griffin was adamant in her response,

“This bully, this President, of all people, is gonna come after me? He picked the wrong redhead.”

While it was clear that Griffin regrets the choices made in regards to the photoshoot, she does not believe that her career should be ruined or that she should be ostracized for trying to make a joke, no matter how misguided.

“I am teasing the president because this is America and you shouldn’t have to die for it,” she said.

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