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Londoners Offer their Homes, Friendship Following Terrorist Attack

British Prime Minister Theresa May - terrorist attack in London

In the classic British fashion, Londoners who were safe during Saturday evening’s terrorist attacks at the London Bridge and in Borough Market, have taken to Twitter to offer tea and shelter to those affected by the incidents.

Late Saturday evening a van crashed into pedestrians on the London Bridge, before three men exited the vehicle and began stabbing civilians as they made their way to Borough Market.

According to the London Ambulance Service over 30 innocent civilians had been driven to hospitals. Six civilians were proclaimed dead at the time of this report.

In the face of chaos and heartbreak, Londoners have responded with compassion.

Solidarity and kindness seem to be London’s response to the terrorist attacks, giving a faint shimmer of hope to those stranded and effected by these horrifying attacks.

Hundreds of tweets have been shared and liked as Londoners living in close proximity to the attacks began to offer housing, food, tea, and chargers for those unable to make it home after roads were blocked and closed in response to the terrorist attacks.

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“I live close to London Bridge. Get in touch if you need a safe place to stay. Cup of tea or a bed for the night. Free. #LondonAttack #Bridge,” tweeted Marcus Doyle (@Marcus_Doyle), a sympathetic Londoner.

Doyle was one of many to respond to the attack with goodwill.

Ellen C Scott (@EllenCScott), the Lifestyle Editor for the UK website tweeted, “Scared, but safe at home in Tooting. If anyone’s out in South London and far from home, DM. Better to be inside with a cup of tea.”

“I live about 15 mins from London Bridge if anyone needs somewhere to stay, charger, tea, a comfy sofa, somewhere safe DM me. #LondonBridge” said Lydia Hamilton (@lydia_rose)

Another kind Brit, Carrie J. Lyell (@Seej) offered, “Absolutely heartbreaking news from #LondonBridge. We’ve got a sofa bed and cups of tea in Catford for anyone who needs it.”

“If anyone’s affected by #LondonBridge attacks and needs a sofa to crash on / cups of tea, our place is a 20 min walk away. DM me,” tweeted David Lawrence (@dc_lawrence).

Hundreds of other Londoners made similar generous offers, showing that, once again, love is the answer to hate.

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