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Georgia Special Elections: Ossoff, Handel to Debate

Georgia Special Elections - Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel - Georgia Special Elections

Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel have agreed to a debate this Thursday.

Ossoff and Handel are facing off in the Georgia special elections to fill the House seat left vacant by Tom Price, the current Secretary of Health and Human Resources.

Experts say the high profile special election is the most expensive in U.S. history.

The election in Georgia’s 6th district is considered a barometer of how Americans feel about the Trump administration’s policies and Democrats’ chances of taking over the House of Representatives or U.S Senate in 2018.

“If we win the Georgia special elections, that will be an indication that we will take over a branch of the government, either the House (of Representatives) or the Senate next year,” a Democrat operative told us earlier today.

He agreed to speak on condition of anonymity so he can be candid.

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“But if the Republicans manage to hold that seat, it will indicate that perhaps the level of anger and frustration on our side may not have reached the tipping point and we may be having problems bringing our voters out in 2018,” he added.

The debate on Thursday is the first chance Georgia voters will have to hear both candidates articulate their issue positions face-to-face before they head to the polls in two weeks.

In April, Democrat Jon Ossoff fell just shy of the required 50% to earn outright victory in the district that has been dominated by Republicans for over 20 years.

As it stands, both parties have invested heavily in the runoff race and appear confident their candidate will emerge victorious.

Ossoff is a documentary film maker and a former House staffer while Handel is Georgia’s former Secretary of State. She ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2010 and U.S. Senate in 2012.

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