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Las Vegas Democrats Question Republican Michele Fiore’s Use of Funds

Michele Fiore, Las Vegas City Council Republican candidate

Nevada Democrats are not happy with the way Las Vegas City Council Republican candidate Michele Fiore spends her campaign dollars, and they have let her know how they feel.

The Democrats have filed a complaint with the Nevada Secretary of State against the two-term City Council member.

This comes after Fiore campaign received $44,000 at her home address under her own personal group name called Politically Off The Wall. By law, a candidate cannot use campaign funds for personal use but it is not clear how the Republican candidate appropriated the funds.

The campaign funds were distributed earlier this year using her group’s address which is the same as her home address. The Democrats see this as cause for concern.

Fiore is running against Democrat Kelli Ross in Las Vegas’ Ward 6.

Political experts believe the way the funds were handled may raise issues with the electoral commission.

“There might be an ethical concern about whether or not the candidate is using campaign dollars for personal uses,” said Mark Peplowski, a political science professor.

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An analysis by The Liberal Advocate News team shows that about $70,000 has been spent by her group called Politically Off The Wall and another $10,000 for Truth in Politics Magazine. Both entities use her home address as places of business.

Both payments allegedly came from her campaign.

“That may seem like a big deal but if the consulting firm is spending the money on the campaign, if the publication is to benefit the campaign, then technically, they’re not violating the law,” Prof. Peplowski said.

Earlier this week, the Clark County Democrats filed the Election Integrity Violation complaint with the secretary of state alleging that the Republican candidate may be paying herself from campaign funds.

Fiore called the complaints by the Democrats “standard political practice for failed and failing candidates.”

In an email to the Las Vegas Review Journal she said ”  I have nothing to fear from additional scrutiny.”

Fiore said that it is fine by her that Nevada Democrats can file a complaint on her but they are doing it on the taxpayers money. She said the complaint filed against her says more about the character of Nevada Democrats.

Early elections for the position ended on Friday and election will be held next Tuesday for Wards 2 and 6 in Las Vegas.

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