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Nevada Republican Governor Vetoes Minimum Wage Bill

Brian Sandoval, Nevada Governor
Nevada Governor Brian Sandavol

Despite months of lobbying by various organizations including Democratic Party leaders and state labor organizations, Nevada’s Republican Governor Brian Sandoval has decided to veto a bill that would have raised the state’s minimum wage over the next five years.

Nevada Senate bill 106 drafted by the State Senate Committee on Commerce, Labor and Energy, would have increased the state’s minimum wage by 75 cents every year for the next five years, bringing the wages to $11 per hour for employers who offer health insurance to their workers and $12 for those that do not.

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Nevada Democratic Party leader Aaron Ford led the group that lobbied hard for the bill passage while business organizations including the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce opposed the bill.

Governor Sandoval did sign bill 383 favored by Aaron Ford and others, that would ensure that investment brokers put their clients first.

Governor Sandoval said he decided to veto the minimum wage bill because he felt small business would suffer the hardest.

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