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Stonewall: AG Sessions Refuses to Answer Questions Before Senate Intelligence Committee

Jeff Sessions - Looking to purge minority voters from elections
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions went before the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier today and decided he wasn’t going to answer any questions.

His excuse? He is protecting the president’s right to assert executive privilege.

President Donald Trump has not asserted executive privilege nor has he indicated that he intends to. Yet Sessions said he had to stonewall just in case the president chooses to do so.

“I am protecting the right of the president to assert it if he chooses,” Sessions told the committee.

Sessions is one of President Trumps staunchest allies.

He repeatedly declined to answer questions about his conversations with the president, his role in the on-going Russian investigation or even how many times he met with the Russians.

He also refused to disclose the role he played in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

“You are impeding this investigation,” exploded Sen. Martin Henreich (D-N.M).

“I’m protecting the president’s constitutional right by not giving it away before he has a chance to review it,” Sessions fired back.

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In a combative presentation, Sessions called innuendos and leaks over his conduct relating to Director Comey’s firing “detestable.”

He was adamant that he did not collude with the Russians or knew anyone who did.

Sessions asked his former colleagues to believe him when he told them he did not meet secretly with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., last year during a speech by then candidate Donald Trump.

He became visibly irritated when the senators brought up his role in the firing of James Comey even though he had announced that he was recusing himself from the investigation.

“I recused myself from any investigation into the campaign for president, but I did not recuse myself from defending my honor against scurrilous and false allegations,” he said.

Sessions’ performance was so infuriating to Democratic Senators that Ron Wyden of Oregon said he’s had it with stonewalling.

“I believe the American people have had it with stonewalling,” Wyden said.
Sessions replied, “I am not stonewalling. I’m following historic policies of Department of Justice. You don’t walk into any committee meeting and reveal confidential communications with president of United States.”
Senator Dianne Feinstein was so puzzled by Sessons’ answers that he could not say what his conversations with President Trump were regarding James Comey.
“How do you view that? Since you discussed his removal, why wouldn’t you discuss the reasons?” she asked Sessions.

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