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11 States Sue Trump Administration Over Energy Use Standards

Energy use lawsuit

Adding to Trump administration’s woes, the Department of Energy (DOE) has been sued for failure to finalize limits of energy use for portable air conditioners and other products.

Eleven states including New York, California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, Vermont, Massachusetts, Oregon and Maine filed a lawsuit in a federal court in San Francisco, CA this week.

The lawsuit is aimed at forcing the Trump administration to publish new standards that allows consumers to conserve energy, cut greenhouse gas emissions and save businesses, and consumers billions of dollars every year.

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According to the States’ attorneys generals, the Trump administration’s failure to publish the standards means that they are not enforceable.

The Obama administration signed off on the energy standard bill in December 2016 and allowed it to stay online for a 45-day review but the Trump administration has moved aggressively to dismantle or weaken federal efforts to lower carbon emissions.

Among the Obama administration rules reversed recently by the Trump administration is a moratorium on leasing federal lands for coal mining. The new administration also withdrew the requirement for oil and gas facilities to produce more emissions data and stopped tracking carbon emissions by the federal government.

The lawsuit is asking the court to force the DOE to publish the new standards as final rules.

This is the second lawsuit against the Trump administration by the states. In April, they sued over fan efficiency standards that had been finalized and published in the Federal Register, but the DOE had refused to implement the rules.

DOE later reversed itself and allowed full implementation of the rules.

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