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Ivanka Trump’s World Refugee Day Tweet Sparks Controversy

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

First daughter and special adviser to President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump can’t win for losing. It appears that no matter what she does, Twitter users just won’t give her a break.

Tuesday was World Refugee Day and Ivanka Trump, like most people tweeted her hope for peace. She quoted another tweet from the Department of State which provided a statement of support for refugees from Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson.

But Twitter users were having none of that. They immediately lashed out at Ivanka for claiming to support refugees while standing by as her father often speaks about banning refugees from the United States and building a wall separating America from Mexico.

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Ivanka Trump is a special adviser to her father, Donald Trump who is also the President of the United States.

The Department of State tweeted a picture of small children holding a tire with Secretary Tillerson’s quote over it.

“As we mark World Refugee Day, we will continue to aid those who have been forced from their homes, address of the root causes of their displacement, and foster long-term solutions to humanitarian crises,” the tweet from the State Department read.

Ivanka shared this tweet along with her own words.

Her statement was called out as being hypocritical as she has not publicly disagreed with her father’s continued anti-refugee stance.

Earlier this month after a terrorist attack in London, President Trump took to Twitter to politicize the attacks by discussing his proposed travel ban. In the past he has denied that it is a “ban” but his own tweets clarified that it would, in fact, be a ban.

Here is the president’s tweet.

President Trump’s travel ban proposes to ban immigrants from six majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States.

In response to Ivanka’s tweet, which many see as being hypocritical considering her silence on her father’s position on immigrants, various Twitter users replied to her tweet to point out the insincerity of her support.

Michael Schur, an Emmy award winning television writer for such acclaimed shows as The Office and Parks and Recreation responded. He tweets on an account verified in his pen name, Ken Tremendous.

Former professional road cyclist Joe Papp seemed to agree with Schur in his response to Ivanka’s tweet.

“Go tell that to your dad,” said the verified account Geesubay, whose bio brags that President Trump blocked them from his Twitter account.

“Umm yeah.. this comes off as completely disingenuous given the hateful rhetoric we hear from your dad and his supporters,” responded Victor Huckabee, an artist also verified on Twitter.

Dozens of tweets echoing these sentiments poured in but received no response from the President’s daughter.

Perhaps her sudden vocalization of love for refugees bodes well for those hoping that President Trump’s travel ban will be removed from the table…but let’s not hold our breath.


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