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GOP Healthcare Bill Screws the Poor, Gives Massive Tax Cut to the Rich

Mitch McConnell - GOP Senate Leader
Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell

For more than seven years, Republicans slammed Obamacare as a massive government welfare program and promised to write a better healthcare bill that benefits the American middle class.

Earlier today Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) released the GOP healthcare bill. As expected it was nothing but a massive tax break for the wealthy while gutting Medicaid, the program that benefits the poor.

“This is nothing short of astonishing. How can you give this much tax break to the rich and corporations while sticking it to the poor? And somehow manage to do it with a straight face?” fumed a Washington D.C. Based Democratic operative who spoke on the condition of anonymity so he can speak candidly.

Health experts said the GOP healthcare plan will result in millions of Americans losing health coverage.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) will score the new bill called the Better Care Reconciliation Act or Trumpcare next week meaning that we do not have definitive information on how many millions of Americans will suffer as a result.

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But so far this much is clear: Wealthy people and insurance corporations will get massive tax breaks while the average American gets less health coverage.

Already four GOP Senators have indicated they will not vote for the bill although experts believe they may change their minds and do so when the bill hits the floor.

Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Mike Lee (Utah), Ted Cruz (Texas) and Ron Johnson (Wis.) said they will not vote for the GOP bill in a statement released earlier today.

“Currently, for a variety of reasons, we are not ready to vote for this bill, but we are open to negotiation and obtaining more information before it is brought to the floor,” the statement said.

“There are provisions in this draft that represent an improvement to our current healthcare system but it does not appear this draft as written will accomplish the most important promise that we made to Americans: to repeal Obamacare and lower their healthcare costs,” the statement from the senators continued.

Like the bill released earlier by the House of Representatives, this bill cuts Medicaid by almost $900 billion. The CBO said the House bill will throw up to 26 million Americans off their health insurance.

Sen. McConnell admitted that it will be hard for him to pass the GOP bill for a number of reasons.

“Clearly a lot of us would like to do more,” he said. “We’re dealing with reality and getting to 50,” he said earlier today.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said passing the bill will also be difficult.

“It’ll be hard to pass the bill — lot of differing points of view — and one week may not be enough time. It’s a real problem,” he told CNN.

Other GOP senators including Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Bob Corker, Mike Rounds, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and more, declined to commit to voting for the bill as it currently stands.


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