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Flint Airport Stabbing Suspect Attempted to Buy Gun Days Before Attack

Flint, Michigan Airport

The suspect in the Bishop Airport stabbing in Flint, Michigan attempted to purchase a fire arm days before the attack.

Law enforcement sources told The Liberal Advocate that he tried to purchase a gun a couple days before the attack at the Gibraltar Trade Center but was denied due to his citizenship.

The suspect is 49 year-old Amor Ftouhi. He is a citizen of Canada and Tunisia.

He was reported to have traveled from Canada to New York and then finally to Michigan.

According to witnesses and the officers who subdued the suspect, that the man yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he attacked. Also as he was being detained, he was rambling about how innocent people are dying over in the middle east.

Flint Airport security camera footage showed that the suspect walking around the airport for several hours carrying two bags. He traveled back and fourth from the first floor and the second floor.

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He later went into a bathroom and came out carrying the 12 inch knife before going down to the first floor where he came behind Jeff Neville and stabbed him in the back and in the neck.

Neville is currently in satisfactory condition after being listed in critical condition late last night.

Neville tried to defend himself by wrestling with the suspect while waiting for other officers to arrive. When they arrived they subdued the suspect and as he was being dragged away he asked the officers, “why didn’t you kill me?”

Ftouhi appeared in federal court Thursday morning and was charged with violence at an international airport as the FBI continues to investigate the incident.

Officials later confirmed that Ftouhi was not on the United States or Canadian law enforcement radar.

Ftouhi has a wife and three kids that live in Montreal, Canada.

FBI officials confirmed they have opened an investigation into the Flint Airport incident to see if this was just an isolated attack or part of an organized effort. If this is determined to be a terrorist act, it will be the first such incident since Donald Trump became the President of the United States.


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