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Meet Democrat Kathryn Allen, the Physician with the Right Prescription for Utah’s 3rd District

Kathryn Allen, Utah Democrat for US Congress

To her friends, Dr. Kathryn Allen is known for being level-headed and analytical; someone not given to outbursts of anger or feelings of frustration.

Perhaps that explains why on the night of November 8, 2016, she reacted to the election of Donald Trump as President of United States by deciding that it was time to run for office.

On that election night, Kathie, as she is known by her friends, sat silently in shock as her friends cried over the prospect of a Trump presidency and its ramifications for the country.

Dr. Allen told The Liberal Advocate News this week that the result of the 2016 U.S. presidential election stunned her.

“I was stunned by the result. The next day I began analyzing what happened. I am not an overly emotional person so I didn’t really cry like a lot of my friends. But I was extremely distressed by the result and what that said about our democracy,” she said.

A self described life-long learner, Dr. Kathryn Allen delights in learning about people, cultures, events and things. She is a master gardener who delights in studying the French language. She also plays many musical instruments.

“If there is one word that describes me, it will be the word “student,” she told us. “I studied French. I studied Gardening. I am a master gardener. I play many musical instruments and I studied particularly the music of Eastern Europe.”

Above all that however, Dr. Allen loves Science.

Her love for Science led her to pursue a career in Medicine, a decision she said is borne out of her fascination with the scientific process.

“I have reverence for the scientific process and to Science in general so I pursued my career in Medicine.”

Despite her ever-deepening love for Science, Kathie has been fascinated by politics going back 30 years.

Kathie was introduced to politics as a college student studying Psychology in 1975 when her congressman, Jerry Pettis was killed in a plane clash. His wife, Shirley N. Pettis ran for his seat and Kathie worked in her campaign.

After that election, Kathie became a congressional aide. She later began working with the Community Housing Program of San Bernardino County helping to register Californians who needed help with housing repair.

Her years in medical school reinforced her love for Science but that did not dampen her love for helping others, especially those in dire circumstances.

It was that love for helping others that brought her back to politics after the election of President Donald Trump.

“I was greatly dismayed by Donald Trump’s election so I began to search for ways to make a difference. It was then I came to the realization that extensive Red-State gerrymandering around the country or what we call “end-stage gerrymandering,” directly led to Trump’s victory.”

Dr Kathryn Allen, Utah Fair Housing Districting

Utah Fair Housing Districting Campaign

Earlier this year, Kathie founded the Fair Redistricting Caucus of Utah (FRCU) as a Facebook Group.

The group now has over 1400 members and a steering committee addressing ways to combat gerrymandering in Utah.

Dr. Allen represents the FRCU on the Utah Redistricting Coalition and participates in a legal advisory group as well.

She said the election of Donald Trump exposed a flaw in the U.S. Electoral system.

“I thought there was something very very wrong if Donald Trump could be elected in this country. There’s something wrong with things in our educational system, there is something wrong with our communication process.”

“There was a disrespect for truth all along with a huge infiltration of propaganda and I just knew that if I didn’t take action I would be overwhelmed by the feeling of helplessness,” she said.



“I thought there was something very very wrong
if Donald Trump could be elected in this country.”



Her first step was to get her congressman Jason Chaffertz, the chairman of the powerful U.S. House Oversight Committee to look into allegations of wrongdoing against Donald Trump.

Congressman Chaffertz ignored her.

“I started to campaign to get him to investigate Donald Trump. I wrote an Oped in the Tribune that was signed by 206 people.”

Not deterred by the lack of response from the congressman, Kathie took it a step further.

“I began to write him personal emails and letters, and to reach out to him on on his Facebook page. I didn’t get any response and I couldn’t understand it because to me, this conflict of interest and the violation of the Emolument Clause of the U.S. Constitution (by Donald Trump) was quite obvious.”

Kathie said she was also worried about the attitude of the GOP and Trump’s relationship with Russia.

“I was astounded by the oblivious attitude of the GOP towards these things. We should be worried about our relations towards Russia. It astounded me that our own congressman would put so much his party above patriotism.”

Dr. Kathryn said she is not fazed by the fact that she is a Democrat running in a district considered one of the reddest in the country.

“Oh, no. I am not worried about that. I believe I have somethings to offer to the district whether you are a Republican or a Democrat,” she said.

“Over the years I have learned some skills and I have applied them to this process. I am good at listening to the viewpoints of others and respecting their views no matter their ethnic or socio-economic background.”

“I have good listening skills and those are the skills that I can transfer to this position. And so I just thought, why not me? Somebody needs to step up and do this.”

To Kathie, ‘doing this’ meant taking baby steps including setting up an exploratory committee and soliciting donations. She did and the overwhelming support she received convinced her she was on the right path.

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To get residents of the 3rd district to listen to her, Dr. Kathryn said she asks them probing questions.

“’I ask them ‘what keeps you up at 3 o’clock in the morning?’ ‘What is that one thing that keeps you up at night?’”

“It is not about being registered as a Republican or a Democrat. The same issues face everyone in the 3rd district. We have bad air and that affects everyone, no matter what party you belong to.”

“I just picked up a statistic yesterday and 85% of the people in the 3rd congressional district have pre-existing condition.”

“I have extensive knowledge of healthcare, having been in the trenches for over 30 years and I have a thorough understanding of what it is like to not have health insurance, and so messaging that to people is going to come natural to me.”

“The human nature do not like to have something that we are used to taken away. When people have become used to Obamacare and the GOP tries to take it away, that opens a whole another way to discuss the issue.”

“The GOP is taking healthcare away from 27 million people, 59% of which are children. They are children. You can’t blame them for their bad health conditions. That is the thing that I keep messaging to them over and over.”

“It is not people’s fault that they are sick. Blaming them is just simplistic and the GOP has a very simplistic, not well thought-out position to a very complex problem,” she continued.

She said her message to residents of the district is simple.

“My message is let’s not reach for an easy fix. Let’s think about this complex problem and try to find a solution that is lasting and sustainable.”

Besides healthcare, Kathie said she is also worried about the economy and the middle class.

“I want the middle class to be strong. That is what this is about ultimately, and with the income disparity that we have between the rich and the poor, that is not happening.”

“When we have a weak middle class, we will not have a sustainable strong economy. This is not Democrat or Republican. Everybody wants a strong economy. No one wants to see their retirement go up in smoke.”

Kathryn Allen on the campaign trail

Dr. Kathryn Allen on the campaign trail in Utah

She said that as a former small business owner, she understands the burden of crushing regulations on small businesses.

“I was a small business owner and I am business-savvy, so I know what it means to be over-regulated. That is one of my more moderate positions.”

“I do think the government issues too many regulations although I am in favor of regulations that protect our health and our environment,” she said.

She added that she believes she has the right message for the residents of the district.

“I have a message I believe should appeal to all Democrats and moderate Republicans.”

Kathie said she thought President Donald Trump was dishonest in his dealing with former FBI Director, James Comey.

“I think I fully realize the extent of the dishonesty of this White House. This White House is fact-resistant.”

“When I read the Comey testimony I thought this is not the Godfather movie. This is the President of United States trying to exert the oath of loyalty from the FBI director. It is so inappropriate and so sad.”

“I’m a doctor. I look at patterns of behavior. You try to diagnose the disease. You look at patterns and symptoms and I look at patterns of symptoms coming out of this White House and it is pretty damn sick.”

She said she is sickened by President Trump’s attitude towards Americans’ basic way of life.

“The disrespect for facts. The disrespect for science. The dismantling of basic protections. The dismantling of our way of life. The weakening of the freedom of the press, the freedom of religion, deporting people, the anti-Muslim travel ban, all of these things to me are quite frankly, sickening.”

Kathie said she did not agree with the way Comey handled Hillary Clinton’s email server issue.

“But I thought he is an honest man and I thought he was credible in his testimony and that he is to be taken very seriously. Infact, I wish he would have gone further. He was very careful not to be partisan. I think a lot of us probably read between the lines.”



“I certainly would have been up over and over again protesting the AHCA which I think is an abomination. I think I will have spent a lot of my time railing against that healthcare bill because I just think it is so toxic.”



She thought Comey should have answered the question about whether he thought Trump obstructed justice.

“When they asked him if he thought Trump committed obstruction of justice and he said he was not going to reveal that in open testimony. I think if he thought that Trump had not committed obstruction of justice, he would have just said NO, but he did not say that,” Kathie said.

When asked if she thought the U.S. House of Representatives should start articles of impeachment against President Trump as some Democrats advocate, Dr. Kathryn Allen demurred.

“I think we are close to me supporting articles of impeachment but I don’t know all the classified information so I don’t want to be too rash, but for quite sometime, I’ve felt that Donald Trump is not good for our country.”

Calling AHCA, the Republican healthcare bill an abomination, Kathie said if she were in congress, she will be doing everything in her power to stop it from becoming law.

“I certainly would have been up over and over again protesting the AHCA which I think is an abomination. I think I will have spent a lot of my time railing against that healthcare bill because I just think it is so toxic.”

“It is so harmful to the people in our district. That is why I think I would have been going down shouting on that one,” she added.

Besides healthcare, the environment and science, Dr. Allen is also interested in lowering taxes, raising education standards and making higher education affordable for all Americans.

She also wants to work on veteran issues, equal pay for women, Native American issues, election financing, diversity and civil liberties, LGBTQIA, public lands issues and jobs.

To support and donate to Dr. Kathy Allen’s campaign, please go to her website.


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