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Republicans Now Want to Force You to Buy Health Insurance

Mitch McConnell - GOP Senate Leader

Remember those days when Republicans were fond of accusing former President Barack Obama and Democrats of using Obamacare to force Americans to buy health insurance?

Well, it seems Republicans in the U.S. Senate have finally come to the realization that the only way to make Americans buy health insurance is to force them to buy health insurance.

Senate Republicans earlier today released an updated version of their health reform bill known as Trumpcare, that adds the clause mandating Americans with a break in health coverage to wait at least 180 days before buying new insurance policies.

The revised Senate bill will force Americans who allow their health insurance policies to lapse for 63 days or longer to wait six months before they are allowed to buy new policies.

This is designed to force you to buy and keep your health insurance.

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The continuous coverage provision was omitted in the earlier Senate bill but aides confirmed they have been working to add the provision although experts say the new provision could make it harder for the bill to pass in the U.S. Senate.

That is because the Senate parliamentarian could rule that the newly added provision violates the budget reconciliation rules.

As it currently stands, the bill’s passage in the U.S. Senate is not guaranteed.

Five GOP senators have indicated they may vote against the bill when it comes to the floor while four others are waiting for CBO (Congressional Budget Office) score of the bill before making a decision.

That CBO score is expected to be released sometime this week.


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