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Supreme Court Hands Trump Huge Victory on Muslim Travel Ban

President Donald Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump

The GOP-leaning U.S. Supreme Court earlier today handed a major victory to President Donald Trump in his quest to ban Muslims from six countries from entering the United States.

Overturning earlier lower court rulings, the SCOTUS agreed to reinstate part of the travel ban designed to temporarily stop people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the United States.

This is a major victory for President Trump who has sought for months to implement his travel ban but was stymied by rulings from the Court of Appeals.

The Supreme Court also agreed to hear the full appeal when it returns in the fall. That term begins in October.

According to today’s Supreme Court ruling, banning individuals from the six countries who do not currently have any relationship to anyone or entity in United States “does not burden any American party by reason of that party’s relationship with the foreign national. And the courts below did not conclude that exclusion in such circumstances would impose any legally relevant hardship for the foreign national himself.”

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The Trump administration had earlier indicated that the enforcement of the law will begin within 72 hours. As such, individuals from those six nations who do not have established relationships with anyone or entity in United States will be barred access to the country once the law goes into effect.

The Supreme Court also cited past precedent in its ruling, saying that the interest in preserving national security is “an urgent objective of the highest order.”

“To prevent the government from pursuing that objective by enforcing [the ban] against foreign nationals unconnected to the United States would appreciably injure its interests without alleviating obvious hardship to anyone else,” the court said.

Trump’s Supreme Court appointee Neil Gorsuch, as expected, joined Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito in wanting to lift the hold on the entire ban.

Earlier the 4th and 9th Circuit Courts of Appeals had banned the order citing different criteria for doing so.

The 4th Circuit said the order was discriminatory against Muslims and violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment which prohibits the government from establishing a religion.

The 9th Circuit in reaching its decision, said the Trump administration failed to establish the necessary justification under the Immigration and Nationality Act for refusing the entry of more than 180 million people based on their country of origin.

As expected, President Trump hailed the Supreme Court decision as “clear victory.”

The President in a statement reiterated that his number one responsibility is to keep the American people safe.

“Today’s unanimous Supreme Court decision is a clear victory for our national security,” the president said.

“Today’s ruling allows me to use an important tool for protecting our nation’s homeland. I am also particularly gratified that the Supreme Court’s decision was 9-0,” he added.


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