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Fox News Poll: 72% of Americans Hate or Don’t want Republican Health Care Bill

GOP leader Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump - Medicaid cuts could be devastating

By more than 2 to 1, Americans who have heard about the Senate health care bill say it is bad for America.

And these are mostly people who watch Fox News

Fox News said their poll conducted Sunday through Tuesday evening found that an astonishing 72% of Americans either hate the bill outright or do not care about it.

In comparison, days after the U.S. House of Representatives released their version of the bill called “mean” by President Donald Trump, 40% favored it and 54% told pollsters they were against the bill in the same Fox News poll.

The poll is tilted heavily towards Republicans who mostly watch Fox News.

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“It seems likely that voters are increasingly anxious about another significant change to their health insurance,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw.

Currently 53% of Americans view the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, the same bill the Republicans are attempting to repeal and replace, favorably.

Senate Republicans released their health care bill earlier this week but were forced to postpone voting after their caucus members rejected it.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has sworn to try again after the July 4th recess.

Most health experts including the American Medical Association (AMA) have said the bill could be harmful to most Americans.

The Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday the Republican bill will cause 22 million Americans to lose their health insurance by 2026.

Fox News said their poll shows 55% of lower-income voters, 58% (women), 63% (urban voters), 77% non-whites and 89% Democrats love Obamacare.


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