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Recreational Pot Joins Gambling in Las Vegas, Nevada

Medical Marijuana in Nevada and Colorado

This weekend tourists to the state of Nevada will have more than just gambling and drinking to pleasure themselves. They will now have recreational marijuana as a choice of pleasure.

In November 2016 Nevada voters approved the sale of recreational marijuana in the state. This weekend the State will begin selling recreational pot at its dispensaries and other local cities within Nevada for the first time.

Nevada residents had no problem accepting the sale of recreational marijuana and now the State will join seven other states including the District of Columbia where pot is legal.

Starting this Saturday anyone that is 21 years old and has a  valid state issued ID Card can purchase up to an ounce of weed, one-eighth of an ounce of candy and edibles and concentrates.

So far legislators have approved 17 retail outlets for recreational sales and 40 more will possibly be approved this Saturday.

Because this is one of the biggest events since the days of gold rush, many retailers are having their grand opening early. One of the marijuana retailers has taken it further and is throwing a BBQ and raffle drawing.

Andrew Jolley, the president of Nevada Dispensary Association said that he is not sure what type of turn-out it will be. “We are expecting a lot of happy customers,” he said this week.

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Industry experts believe Nevada’s marijuana market will be a great success but maybe short-lived considering California will be opening their pot retail market in January, 2018.

Nevada receives up to 45 million tourists a year and that could boost the sales of pot past the sales volume registered in Colorado, Oregon and Washington State. Regulators said they anticipate that 63% of recreational marijuana customers will be tourists.

“I don’t think we have seen anything quite like what Nevada is going to look like just because of the sheer volume of tourists in the state.” Said Nancy Whiteman, the co-owner of Colorado – based Wana Brands, which makes edible marijuana products.

Advertisement for the use of recreational pot is banned from radio stations and television channels watched by 30 percent of young people under 21.

Being able to buy recreational pot does not mean that purchasers can smoke them anywhere. Nevada has banned the use of pot in public places including parks, sporting events, moving vehicles, casinos, hotels, concerts, festivals and while walking down the street.

Las Vegas Strip have not come up with a ban or law in regards to pot use but have implemented no drinking on the Strip.

Since the beginning of this year, it has been legal for residents to smoke pot in their homes but it was impossible to buy pot without a medical marijuana card, until now.

There are rules regarding the purchase and use of pot including a fine of $600.

The rules will be very tricky for newly pot users giving them the freedom to smoke marijuana on their porch but is prohibited on U.S. property from national forest to federal subsidized housing.

Visitors to Nevada hotels and casinos will not be allowed the use of pot because of federal licensing rules and because the U.S. government outlaws the drug. That means tourists will have a hard time finding a place to smoke pot legally in Nevada.

Whiteman believes the new law will not discourage tourists to Nevada from buying edible pot because it is not easy to identify and it can be consumed on the casino floor where cigarette smoking is permitted.

State lawmakers had tabled legislation requiring the opening of marijuana clubs and other places to smoke pot, but the legislation was shot down by lawmakers who agreed to reconsider the bills in  2019.

State Sen. Tick Segerblom, a leader of the legalization push believes that worldwide advertisement will have many coming to Nevada to purchase and smoke pot, and having a place to smoke pot is necessary.

Many are taking advantage of the expected financial windfall including a Denver, Colorado based entrepreneur who has set up cannabis friendly non-cigarette smoking condos on the Las Vegas Strip.

There will also be tours of the cannabis facility to show how pot is made and a gift bag that includes rolling paper as a parting gift.

Currently dispensaries can sell their stockpile of pot for recreational use until it runs out and that could mean retailers could have a shortage of pot by August.

“I get the sense that most, if not all, dispensaries will have sufficient inventory to serve retail customers  until distributors are up and running.” Andrew Jolley said  of the Nevada Dispensary Association.

Pot edibles have to come with a warning label saying that the effects of the edible product may come two  or more hours later and small consumption is better.


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