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Philadelphia District Attorney Pleads Guilty to Bribery, Loses His Job and is Sent to Jail

Philadelphia City Hall
Philadelphia City Hall

There has always been talk of corruption in local governments around the country but occasionally, justice prevails.

Take the case of Seth Williams, Philadelphia’s district attorney and top prosecutor. Williams broke down and pleaded guilty Thursday to corruption charges, resigned from his job as district attorney and was immediately ordered taken into custody by presiding court judge who said he was not to be trusted.

50-year-old Williams was accused of accepting illegal bribes from two businessmen in exchange for favors. He was also charged with fraud for misuse of thousands of dollars of campaign funds for personal use, improper use of city vehicles and using business funds to house his mother in a nursing home.

All together he faced 29 counts of bribery, fraud and extortion charges.

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Two weeks into his federal trial Seth Williams admitted he was guilty of one count of bribery from a businessman resulting in 28 of those counts being dismissed by the presiding judge. prosecutors later revealed that Williams admitted to being guilty of all charges.

Last year, William filed financial disclosure after he had been charged but before his indictment that showed he accepted about $175,000 in cash, gifts and trips from friends.

“I am very sorry.” Williams, a graduate of Georgetown University and Philadelphia’s first black district attorney said through tears.

District Judge Paul Diamond said he believed that because Williams acted to accept bribes that Williams could not be trusted. He immediately had Williams handcuffed and ordered him jailed until his next court appearance set for Oct. 24.

Williams, a two-term Democrat, declined to run for re-election this year. He faces five years in prison.

William’s friends said he has struggled to maintain the lavish lifestyle that his family have grown accustom to, even after his divorce.

The city ethics board have decided to fine Williams $62,000 which is the largest ever recorded in the state.


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