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Trump is Playing a Dangerous Game with America’s Future

Donald Trump, US President

Donald Trump does not care about The United States of America. He is playing a dangerous game with America’s future and the media is unfortunately, playing along.

Let’s face facts. Trump is bad for America. His policies are bad for Americans especially working class Americans and minorities, and his actions are turning America towards our enemies and away from our friends.

The world is laughing at America and the media is letting him get away with it.

From the beginning of his campaign for the presidency, Donald Trump realized that in order to get noticed, he needed to say outrageous and incendiary things.

He went about it so methodically that the media fell for it. CNN carried most of his rallies live and gave his campaign wall-to-wall coverage.

Every time media coverage appeared to wane, he became more invective. To keep the coverage going, he began insulting his opponents – Senator Ted Cruz became “Lyin’ Ted.”

His Republican opponents could not get media time. Whenever negative information about him hit the media, he would say or do something even more outrageous to divert media, and by extension, everyone’s attention.

It worked.

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His tactics were so effective that his Republican opponents became afraid to speak the truth or criticize him. The GOP leadership became intimidated and afraid to go against him.

After he became the Republican nominee, he applied the same tactics against Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton became “Crooked Hillary” when the video of him making derogatory statements about women surfaced.

The media knew what was happening but they ignored it.

Most Americans, believing the fantasy he was selling, fell for his lies, half-truths and innuendos.

He has told so many lies that we can’t list all of them here. We will let The New York Times do it for us.

The result is President Donald Trump, an immoral man with the IQ of a 6th grader, having his hands on the nuclear button.

A man who knew less about what America stood for and couldn’t care less about the American presidency, and all it entails.

Today, about six months after his swearing in, Trump has yet to pass any legislation that addresses the numerous problems facing the country.

“Trump has an uncanny ability to control the media and manipulate the news cycle. All he has to do is say or do something more outrageous than the last thing he said or did, and the media swallows it.”

But the most dangerous game Trump is playing is pitting Americans against each other.

Trump realizes that his base alone isn’t enough to secure the office he holds in 2020, and that he is quickly losing the Midwestern independent voters who helped him beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

He promised them jobs that he hasn’t been able to deliver. He promised “the Wall” and an Obamacare repeal and replace health care bill that he can’t deliver either.

He told Republicans that they “will win, win, win so much that they will get tired of winning.” So far, all they have done is lose.

So what does he do to distract attention?

He picks a fight with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, insulting the co-hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Twitter.

He also insults CNN, tweeting a video of him body-slamming the network in one of his wrestling fantasies.

All of which served to distract attention from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report last week announcing that 32 million Americans would lose health insurance if Trumpcare becomes law, and a blockbuster report linking his close associate and former security adviser Michael Flynn to Republican efforts to collude with Russians during the 2016 election.

Trump has an uncanny ability to control the media and manipulate the news cycle. All he has to do is say or do something more outrageous than the last thing he said or did, and the media swallows it.

Just this past weekend, Trump was on Twitter advocating violence against journalists, just like he did in his rallies during the presidential election campaign.

So when is the media going to stop playing his game?

Trump will continue to be outrageous and command the news cycle until the media catches up to his games just like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow did a while back when she announced that she would ignore his antics and instead, focus on his actions.

Until the media refuses to fall for his antics and focus on his actions or lack thereof, we will continue to see the same lies and manipulations repeated over and over again.

We have a president who treats the office and America’s standing in the world, with disdain.

We have a president who believes the end justifies the means, even if that includes inciting one race against another and one group against others.

We have a president who believes the murder of innocent minorities by a few bad apples is justifiable as long as it gets him re-elected and his party holding on to power.

There is only one problem with that. Just like lighting a fire, it is not always possible to extinguish the flame once it starts burning.

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