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Trump Urges China to Rein in North Korea

Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Trade war looms
U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping

The U.S. President Donald Trump spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping over the weekend on the escalating crisis with North Korea. Trump urged the Chinese leader to rein in Pyongyang during the phone call on Sunday.

According to the White House, President Trump “raised the growing threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs” during their conversation.

President Trump later declared that Beijing’s efforts to control the North Koreans had failed and imposed sanctions on a China’s Bank of Dandong over its dealings with North Korea.

Also, Washington put the Chinese company, Dalian Global Unity Shipping, which helped smuggle banned luxury goods, on its sanctions blacklist.

For his part, Xi Jinping warned President Trump that “some negative factors” were hurting U.S.-China relations.

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During a news conference at the U.N., China’s UN ambassador Liu Jieyi warned of “disastrous” consequences if world powers fail to find a way to ease tensions with North Korea. It could “get out of control” and “the consequences would be disastrous,” he said.

He called for de-escalation of the crisis with North Korea, describing it as “very, very serious and we cannot afford to wait for too long without dialogue taking place.”

Russia, President Vladimir Putin and China’s President Xi Jinping on Tuesday condemned North Korea’s ballistic missiles test.

The two nations proposed a plan for defusing tensions over North Korea, suggesting that Pyongyang declare a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests, while the United States and South Korea refrain from large-scale joint military exercises.

The recommended that all parties sit down for talks to agree on principles that include a refusal to use force, create a peaceful atmosphere of mutual trust, and a pledge to make the Korean Peninsula free of nuclear weapons.

The U.S. administration maintains that it will open talks with North Korea if it first halts its nuclear and missile tests, neglecting Russia and China’s opposition to the U.S. missile defense systems in South Korea.

Russia and China consider the US missile defense system in South Korea a stumbling block to the strategic security interests of Asia’s regional powers, and hinders peace and stability.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Russia after the flare-up with the US government over an American destroyer sailing within the territorial waters of a Chinese-claimed island in the South China Sea.

Putin hailed Xi during their Kremlin talks as a “big friend” and presented him with Russia’s highest award for his efforts to strengthen ties. Xi said that “the Russian-Chinese relations are now the best.”

Trump, Putin, and Xi are expected to attend the Group of 20 summit in Germany this week where Putin and Trump are expected to hold their first meeting.


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