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Ted Cruz’s Junk Plan included in Revised Senate GOP Healthcare Bill

Mitch McConnell, GOP Senate Leader
Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), GOP leader.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx.) wants to destroy Affordable Care aka Obamacare. He has never hidden his disdain for the program that millions of Americans rely on for their healthcare needs.

So when he came up with an amendment to the Senate GOP health care bill last week that lets insurance companies sell junk plans that covers practically no illnesses at lower prices, he understood it just might destabilize the market enough to kill it off.

Earlier today, the Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) released the updated health care bill and as expected, kept the Cruz amendment. Experts believe this is aimed at appeasing Cruz and Utah’s Mike Lee.

To appease moderates in his caucus who have sworn not to vote for the bill, Sen. McConnell kept Obamacare taxes on wealthy individuals but agreed to conservative demands to further deregulate the health insurance market.

He however, kept the much maligned cut to Medicaid which led to massive revolt by members of his caucus especially moderates who feared the huge cuts in Medicaid will push up to 26 million Americans off health insurance.

The Better Care Reconciliation Act aka Trumpcare that Sen. McConnell unveiled offers less assistance to poor Americans to buy private insurance and discriminates against people with pre-existing conditions.

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It left in place massive tax cuts for insurance companies and adds new massive funding for opioid treatment.

Republicans confirmed today the GOP leadership is still searching for the votes it needs to pass the revised bill. So far, Senators Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Susan Collins of Maine have indicated they will be voting ‘No’ on the bill.

The Congressional Box Office (CBO) is expected to release its report on the bill early next week but it said the earlier bill would result in 49 million individuals losing their health insurance by 2026 if that version became law compared to 26 million Americans who stand to lose their policies under Obamacare.

According to the Senate rule governing this health care bill, the CBO must score the bill before it can be brought up for a vote but Senator McConnell has said he is eager to move on this bill by next week.

Although the revised bill is expected to bring the number of insured lower than the previous bill, it will still negatively impact many American families because it significantly reduces federal government support for health coverage.

It also guts Medicaid funding by more than 30%.

It also eliminates Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion that has been hugely beneficial to millions of low income Americans and reduces tax credit subsidies that will be available for poor individuals and families.

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