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Sir Paul McCartney Kicks off U.S. Tour with Trump, Fake News Jokes

Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney kicked off the United States’ leg of his One on One tour with a successful concert in Miami, Florida earlier this month.

Playing over three dozen songs onstage at the American Airline Arena, the 75-year-old ex-Beatle took the crowd of over 20,000 people through the highlights of his unbelievably successful career. Sir Paul played hits from his solo career, The Beatles, and Wings for over two and a half hours to the packed arena.

With a career spanning over five decades, Sir Paul is no stranger to the perfect way to enliven an audience, and his energetic performance seemed to awe the responsive crowd. By the time he was called back onstage for his encore nearly the entire arena was on its feet dancing to his pitch perfect renditions of his best tunes.

While the beloved musician played iconic hits such as ‘Live and Let Die’ and ‘Lady Madonna,’ the ‘Hey Jude’ singer also took time to pay tribute to various people he has grown close to throughout his life.

A black and white music video of Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman signing American Sign Language played as Sir Paul crooned ‘My Valentine’ for his wife Nancy, whom he announced was in attendance that evening.

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For his late first wife Linda McCartney, Sir Paul McCartney sang ‘Maybe I’m Amazed.’ For the late Beatles’ producer George Martin he told a charming story about being nervous to sing ‘Love Me Do’ in the studio for the first time.

For the late George Harrison he played Harrison’s song ‘Something’ on a Ukulele and for the late John Lennon he played the song ‘Here Today’ which McCartney penned after Lennon’s death as a conversation the two were never able to have while they both were alive.

Sir Paul even paid homage to Ringo Starr, as it was the drummer’s birthday, by playing The Beatles’ ‘Birthday,’ and the late Jimi Hendrix by playing the guitar riff of Hendrix’s ‘Foxy Lady.’

The South Florida audience responded to all with eager applause and boisterous laughter, seeming giddy to be in the presence of the rock legend.

The spectators also responded heartily with rowdy laughter when Sir Paul impersonated President Trump while joking about ‘Fake News.’

Sir Paul McCartney was telling a story about writing a song for The Rolling Stones when he called the media-made rivalry between the two hottest bands of the British invasion “fake news.”

“This [next song] is one we started doing recently and the story behind this was that me and John [Lennon] were just, we were in London, we were just hanging out—actually we were looking at guitar shops, you know—and in a taxi going past we see a couple of mates. It’s Mick [Jagger] and Keith [Richards] out the [Rolling] Stones,” McCartney said.

“So we went ‘Hey, hey! Give us a lift, you know!’ So we get into the taxi with them and we start talking about how, you know, in those early days—and actually to this day too—we’re good friends, you know? This idea of a rivalry was like a fake thing,” he continued.

He paused for a moment before pointing at the audience to quip, “Fake news!”

The arena burst into uproarious laughter and applause as the 75 year-old musician gripped his head and acted horrified at his own jest before he broke into cheeky chuckles and wagged his finger at the crowd.

“No! Anyway, we’re talking and the guys had just got a recording contract and, uh, Mick says ‘We haven’t got a single…’ and I said ‘We’ve got a song, and you should do it!’ And it was their first single, and it was their first Number One. Goes like this…”

He and his band then broke into the Lennon-McCartney written tune, ‘I Wanna Be Your Man.’

A few days later in Tampa, Sir Paul proceeded to tell the same story while accentuating his Trump impression with a thicker American accent. The Tampa crowd was equally as eager to laugh at the Brit’s impression of the American President.

Sir Paul McCartney has been vocal about his liberal views and though he was unable to vote in the Presidential election (as he is not an American citizen) he did not miss the opportunity to support the democratic candidate.

In August 2016, Sir Paul tweeted a photo of himself with Hillary Clinton to his 2.8 million Twitter followers with the simple message, “She’s with me.”

Hints of the ‘Blackbird’ singer’s political views did not end with just poking fun at Trump. When he and his band were called back onstage for an encore they entered holding up the American flag, a Union Jack flag, and rainbow flag for Gay Pride — showing Sir Paul’s continued support of the LGBTQ community.

Sir Paul joins a long list of celebrities working on perfecting a Trump impression. In fact, the musician’s joke seems harmless in comparison to Alec Baldwin’s impression of the president on Saturday Night Live, or Johnny Depp’s impression of Trump in Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal Funny or Die spoof movie currently streaming on Netflix.

These impressions join those regularly performed by talk show hosts from Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, to Stephen Colbert.


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