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Trump in ‘La La’ Land: Democrats Will Come to Us if We Let Obamacare Fail

US President Donald Trump - 200 days later
U.S. President Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump may be delusional. He has sworn to let Obamacare fail in the hope that Democrats will come to him for a solution.

That, according to experts and other rational Americans, will never happen.

Reacting to the spectacular collapse of the Republican repeal-and-replace healthcare bill last night and the repeal-only bill this morning, the president said today he was disappointed by the results but said he will let Obamacare fail because it will help his party in 2018.

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“For seven years, I’ve been hearing about repeal and replace from congress. Now we have a chance and we don’t take advantage of it,” Trump lamented moments after the new repeal-only bill collapsed. “I am disappointed,” he added.

He announced that he intends to let Obamacare fail. “I will let Obamacare fail. Then the Democrats will have to come to us and we will fix it,” he said repeatedly.

“Let it fail. It will be a lot easier if it fails. I am not going to own it. Republicans are not going to own it. The Democrats will have to to come to us and fix it. Let it fail,” Trump added.

Trump may not realize exactly what he was saying because letting Obamacare fail means letting millions of Americans who depend on the program for their healthcare, go without insurance.

Experts including the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) believe that over 60 million Americans will pay the price by 2026 should Obamacare be allowed to fail.

The president said the solution to his lack of progress in advancing any meaningful bills through U.S. Congress is to elect more Republicans to the Senate in 2018.

“We’re going to have to go out and get more Republicans elected in ’18,” he said. “I’ll be working very hard for that to happen. It would be nice to get Democrat support but really they are obstructionists. They have no ideas.”


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