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In Major Break, Sen. Graham may Support Impeachment if Trump fires Sessions, Mueller

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina - may support Trump impeachment

South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham told friends and associates today he may be open to impeachment if President Donald Trump fires attorney general Jeff Sessions and special counsel Robert Mueller III.

Vowing “holy hell” if Trump moves forward with his reported plan to get rid of Attorney General Sessions and Mueller, Sen. Graham said that firing Sessions and Mueller could signal the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency.”

GOP sources confirmed to The Liberal Advocate News today that Graham has told close friends and associates that firing Mueller will be irreversible and will “definitely” cause him to rethink the Trump presidency.

Political operatives and Washington D.C. insiders are interpreting that statement to mean he might be open to impeachment of the president.

Sen. Graham’s statement is a major break from President Donald Trump who has until now managed to hold the Republicans in his corner.

“The statement by Senator Graham about Trump impeachment is a huge blow to the president’s desires to fire A.G. Sessions and then appoint another attorney general who will then get rid of Mueller and stop the Russia investigations,” a Democrat with inside knowledge said earlier today. “We all know that is what President Trump is trying to do.”

“Trump is scared of what may come out of the Russia probe,” he added.

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Senator Graham warned Trump against trying to meddle in the probe into possible collusion between his campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential elections.

“The idea that the president would fire Mueller ― or have somebody fire Mueller ― because he doesn’t like Mueller or Mueller is doing something he doesn’t like… then we become Russia,” Graham said earlier today.

“Any effort to go after Mueller could be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency unless Mueller did something wrong,” he added.

He said he and other fellow senators will be introducing legislation next week that would make it impossible for Trump, and any future president, to fire a special counsel without judicial review.

“The president’s not in the business of drawing red lines when it comes to the law,” said Graham. “The law is above any presidential red line.”

On Trump slandering attorney general Jeff Sessions, Sen. Graham called it “unnerving.”

“This is not just a diversion, this is unnerving,” he said. “Some of the suggestions the president is making go way beyond what’s acceptable in a rule of law nation.”

“This is not draining the swamp. What he’s [doing] is turning democracy upside down.”

Nebraska’s Republican Senator Ben Sasse told Trump that if he is thinking about replacing Sessions using a recess appointment, he can “forget about it.”

“The presidency isn’t a bull, and this country isn’t a china shop,” Sasse said on the Senate floor..

Meanwhile, Sessions said earlier today that Trump’s criticism has been “kind of hurtful.”


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