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North Korea, China Playing Donald Trump for a Fool?

Donald Trump, US President set to announce Afghanistan policy

Chinese and North Korean leaders seem to be toying with U.S. President Donald Trump over Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions.

While Chinese President Xi Jinping assures Trump that the Chinese are working with the United States, North Korea is busy developing nuclear missiles capable of carrying warheads and moving their ultimate goal of becoming a nuclear power forward.

Intelligence sources said the Chinese government may be reluctant to take actions against Pyongyang for fear North Koreans may pour into their territory should war break out between the U.S. and North Korea.

They are also the biggest trading partners of the North Koreans and are reluctant to lose that leverage.

Just this morning The Washington Post reported U.S. intelligence agencies have assessed that the North Koreans have successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead, just days after threatening “physical action” against the United States for spearheading the U.N. sanctions.

“The IC [intelligence community] assesses North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, to include delivery by ICBM-class missiles,” the assessment states, in an excerpt read to The Washington Post.

Intelligence experts said Pyongyang will be a nuclear power in five years or less unless the United States can find a way to contain their ambitions.

Ret. General Wesley Clark, former NATO Allied Supreme Commander said on MSNBC earlier today that no one should be surprised by this.

“None of this is unexpected. We knew it was coming,” he said.

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Earlier Trump retweeted an article by Fox News’ Fox & Friends disclosing classified information about the U.S. intelligence assessment of North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.

The article quoted “U.S. officials with knowledge of the latest intelligence in the region,” including one that “requested anonymity to discuss sensitive information.”

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said she could not comment on classified information when asked about the story during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” adding that it’s “a shame” the story was published.

“I can’t talk about anything that’s classified, and if that’s in the newspaper, that’s a shame. I have no reason to comment on it,” she said.

“It’s incredibly dangerous when things get out into the press like that. You are not only just getting a scoop on something, you are playing with people’s lives, and this has got to stop. Whatever the leaks are coming from, if somebody thinks they are getting power or fame from it, all you are doing is putting Americans in danger,” she added.

Trump later bragged about his success getting the United nations to slap North Korea with “tough sanctions.”

“After many years of failure, countries are coming together to finally address the dangers posed by North Korea. We must be tough & decisive!” Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.

The problem is that his tweets are making him and the United States look weaker.


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