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Texas Gov. Activates Entire State’s National Guard as Harvey Dumps More Rain on Houston

Greg Abbot, Texas Governor is pushing bathroom bill during special session

Texas governor Gregg Abbott has announced that he is activating the state’s entire national Guard to help with search and rescue.

That brings the total to about 12,000 National Guard members helping with the effort.

The governor, in making the announcement said it is “imperative we do everything possible” to help save lives.

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He said the deployment includes all Guard members who are physically able and not currently deployed elsewhere.

Meanwhile Houston mayor Sylvester Turner and Police Chief Art Acevedo said over 2,000 Houstonians were rescued over the weekend with about 300 of those coming since midnight, while about 185 critical case are pending.

The mayor vowed that completing these critical rescues is the top priority for the city

In addition, Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Pena announced that over 5500 calls for service has come into the city’s 911 emergency call centers and urged residents to keep teying even if the calls drop.



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