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Fox News Poll shows Republicans are Finally Starting to Sour on Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, U.S. President

Republicans are finally starting to turn away from Donald Trump according to a newly released poll from Trump’s beloved channel Fox News.

More Republicans now believe Trump is tearing the country apart with his rhetoric and policies than those who believe he is pulling the nation together.

According to Fox News which released the poll results Wednesday, “voter satisfaction with the direction of the nation is down by double digits as a majority says President Donald Trump is tearing the country apart.”

Th number of American voters who believe the country is headed in the right direction and are happy with the way things are going is down by 10 percentage points. It currently stands at just 35% while those who are dissatisfied with the country’s direction jusmped to 64%, an 11% increase.

Americans, especially Republicans who voted for Trump in 2016 are becoming increasingly negative towards the president.

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Fox News reports that about 68% of Republicans feel Trump is drawing the country together while 15 percent say he is tearing the country apart and 18 percent are unsure. The number of Republicans who believe he is uniting the country is down from 86% in the previous Fox News polls.

Nearly all Democrats (93 percent) and over half of independents (59 percent) say Trump is tearing the country apart.

A record number of voters give the president thumbs down on the job he is doing running the country.

“A record 55 percent of voters disapprove of the job he’s doing as president, while 41 percent approve. That’s a net negative by 14 points and his worst score to date. In April, around the 100-day mark of the administration, his ratings were at net negative three (45-48 percent). Trump’s first job rating on the Fox News Poll is the only one that’s been in positive territory: 48-47 percent (February 2017),” reports Fox News.

Since becoming president, Trump has lost ground with Republicans and conservatives. He is down seven points among conservatives, 9 points among Republican men and whites without college degrees.

On other issues of major concern to Americans, Trump’s approval ratings is upside down as well.

“He receives net negative ratings on North Korea (43-50), taxes (37-45), immigration (43-54), Russia (35-56), the environment (36-56), and health care (34-60).”

On race relations, more Americans believe Trump hates minorities than believe he does not.

“Over half don’t think Trump respects racial minorities (56 percent) — and only about one-third approve of his response to events in Charlottesville (35 percent), where conflicts between neo-Nazi protesters and counter-protesters led to deadly violence,” Fox News reports.

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