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Responding to Ann Coulter – Blaming Hurricane Harvey on Lesbians or LGBT Community is Idiotic

Effects of Hurricane Harvey on Houston, TX

Earlier this week, I heard someone say in the midst of the worst storm to hit the United States that “we will bounce back.” I agree with that individual.

Hurricane Harvey is a disaster of immense proportions but this is life.

Setbacks come in different forms – it could be anything else that one does not have control over. It just happens that Hurricane Harvey is the major setback devastating the lives of Houstonians at the moment, but we will bounce back.

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Houston and other cities in Texas were hit by the worst storm ever in U.S. history. Lives have been lost and thousands are struggling to survive. Homes are lost, streets, roads and even the freeways are impassable.

This phenomenon is not to be taken lightly or played as political football. I know most political pundits like to strive in disasters or crisis like Hurricane Harvey just to be in the spotlight. This is not a joke.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter tweeted this week that she found the argument that Hurricane Harvey is God’s punishment for Houston electing a lesbian mayor to be more credible than “climate change.”

Ms. Coulter was responding to a tweet by Politico Magazine that called Hurricane Harvey a stark example of the effects of climate change.

Ms. Coulter, that is an idiotic thing to believe, let alone say.

Yes, Ann Coulter is no stranger to making outrageous anti-gay statements. She once said that “gay marriage is not a civil right” while telling gay men they “should feel guilty for being gay.”

The Mayor Ann Coulter was referring to in her tweet is Annise Parker, Houston’s mayor from 2010 to 2016.

What does Houston electing a gay mayor have to do with this devastating hurricane or any other natural disaster?

What is the relationship between people suffering as a result of Harvey and former Houston mayor being gay?

Sometimes these spotlight hungry pundits and commentators just need to shut up and go away if they do not have something good or positive to say.

Houstonians just want to survive. And we are doing that.

The issue here is that a weather-related disaster caused by global warming affected Houston and other cities in Texas and Louisiana. Hurricane can hit any town, city or country regardless of the sexual orientation of city officials.

Hurricanes and other natural disasters have nothing to do with gays.

Someone should educate Ann Coulter on this.

Pundits should use their platform to talk about global warming or other issues beneficial to Americans.

When Louisiana was hit by Katrina in 2005, these hungry spotlight seekers and a few evangelical GOPers said Hurricane Katrina devastated the state because some Louisianans were into voodoo.

When Haiti was practically destroyed by earthquake in 2010, it was same rhetoric.

Houston mayor Sylvester Turner and his team, men and women in uniform, volunteers and other Houstonians who donated needed items and money to various non profit organizations did not merit Ann Coulter’s attention nor did she bother to thank them for their effort or contributions.

You wonder if people like her have hearts. Everything shouldn’t be about politics.

The cause of the storm and the damage suffered by thousands of displaced families as well as homeless individuals seeking shelter has nothing to do former Houston Mayor, Anise Parker’s sexual orientation.

Houstonians are moving on. We shall overcome these challenges.

We have done it many times in the past and we are doing it again.

Keep on moving Houston. We will bounce back – whether Ann Coulter and those like her like it or not.



Contributor, The Liberal Advocate News




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