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Even as Hurricanes Increase in Frequency and Intensity, Trump Continues to Deny Climate Change

Donald Trump, U.S. President

Over the past two and a half weeks, we have watched as Hurricane Harvey has devastated entire cities in southern Texas. From Houston to Belmont, the lives of thousands have been upended and destroyed by this unprecedented natural disaster.

Now we are seeing reports of Hurricane Irma flowing freely, preparing for landfall along the Atlantic coast only a little under a year after the destruction of Hurricane Matthew.

Why do things like this happen?

One of the reasons for these disasters is climate change. Though it would be incorrect to claim that climate change directly caused Harvey, it is still one of the reasons that storms like Harvey, Irma and Matthew are occurring more frequently and with serious consequences.

According to atmospheric scientist and professor of political science at Texas Tech University, Katherine Hayoe, “the hurricane is a naturally occurring hazard that is exacerbated by climate change.”

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The current administration continues to deny its existence, yet the frequency and intensity of these hurricanes plead the case of climate change. We acknowledge the reality of what hurricanes like Harvey and Matthew have done to communities and families, so why is it that we neglect to recognize the bigger picture? The climate is changing, and so should our behavior.

According to a quote from the U.S. Global Research Program’s Climate Science Special Report, “human activities have contributed substantially to observed ocean-atmosphere variability… these changes have contributed to the observed upward trend in North Atlantic hurricane activity since the 1970s.”

The report also mentions the correlation between a “warmer world” and an increase in hurricane activity. Yet with all of these scientifically-proven statistics and findings, the current administration has neglected to recognize or attempt to solve this problem, among many other pertinent issues in our country.

As we continue to keep a close watch on the victims of Hurricane Harvey, as well as those beginning to evacuate for Hurricane Irma, we must keep a close watch on how Trump and his administration handles these disasters. What are they doing to help these victims? And when will they learn that climate change is a genuine problem that will not go away without active environmentally-friendly measures?

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