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Hillary Clinton: Trump’s Presidency Illegitimate if Russia’s Interference is True

Hillary Clinton
Former Democrat Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Monday joined millions of Americans who would consider Donald Trump’s presidency illegitimate if evidence shows that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential elections.

Everyday news come out furthering the belief among Democrats and some Republicans that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to effect the results of the 2016 presidential elections.

Clinton said she wouldn’t “rule out questioning the legitimacy of this election if we learn that the Russian interference in the election is even deeper than we know now.”

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Speaking to NPR’s news program Fresh Air, Clinton admitted there may not be a mechanism to challenge results of the election at this point but she would question its legitimacy all the same.

“They may not have known about that specific video, but something was going to happen, because Trump was a bit of a loose cannon, and they were going to intervene.”

“Basically I don’t believe there are (mechanisms to challenge the election results.) There are scholars, academics, who have arguments that it would be, but I don’t think they’re on strong ground. But people are making those arguments. I just don’t think we have a mechanism,” she said.

Clinton addressed a number of issues currently facing the country from LGBT issues to former FBI director James Comey, Russian email hack and North Korea.

She said she knew starting in “late spring of 2016” that there was a concerted misinformation campaign by the Russians meant to discredit her and help the Trump campaign.

“Well, I knew about it starting in late spring of 2016 going into the summer, and then we began to pick up clues. Like, for example, we later learned in September that our intelligence community, led by the Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper, the director of the CIA John Brennan, had concluded that there was a campaign of disinformation, a cyber campaign against my campaign, against me, and it was meant to discredit me, defeat me if they could, and to help Trump.”

“So we were picking up clues all the time. I didn’t have access to all of the secret information, but there was an interesting moment in late August, early September when Harry Reid wrote a public letter to Jim Comey at the FBI, saying, We are hearing a lot — and we later learned it was because Harry had been briefed and he didn’t reference all of the classified material — but he said, We’re hearing a lot in the press and elsewhere that there is an investigation going on of Trump and his associates and their involvement with Russia and Russia’s involvement with the campaign. Would you verify that?

“Comey never would. Then on Oct. 7, in the morning, Jeh Johnson at Homeland Security and Jim Clapper said, There is a threat to our election. That was the same day that the Hollywood Access tape came out. Within one hour the Russians — through their cutouts at WikiLeaks — dropped the Podesta emails,” Clinton said.

The former secretary of state in the Obama administration said she knew during the presidential campaign there were communications between Trump’s campaign and the Russians.

“They may not have known about that specific video, but something was going to happen, because Trump was a bit of a loose cannon, and they were going to intervene. Remember, go back to August, and Roger Stone, one of Trump’s associates was tweeting, Oh it’s going to be John Podesta’s turn in the barrel, and all of that.”

“So we knew that there was some kind of communication going on, because it would take people in the American political system, and in this campaign particularly, to say, Drop the WikiLeaks now. Get them out there. Because we can distract the press from the really horrible video of Trump admitting to sexual assault. That’s exactly what they did, and the press fell for it. So you had wall-to-wall coverage of the Hollywood Access tape.”

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Clinton also talked about the connection between the recently overturned Kenyan presidential results and Cambridge Analytica, a data company owned by the Mercer family, the Brexit vote and Trump campaign.

Members of the Mercer family including current Trump education secretary Betsy DeVos, are major backers of Donald Trump, and former senior presidential strategist and Breibart founder Steve Bannon.

“You know, the Kenya election was just overturned and really what’s interesting about that — and I hope somebody writes about it. The Kenyan election was also a project of Cambridge Analytica, the data company owned by the Mercer family that was instrumental in the Brexit vote.”

“There’s now an investigation going on in the U.K., because of the use of data and the weaponization of information. They were involved in the Trump campaign after he got the nomination, and I think that part of what happened is Mercer said to Trump, We’ll help you, but you have to take Bannon as your campaign chief. You’ve got to take Kellyanne Conway and these other people who are basically Mercer protégées,” Clinton added.

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