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‘Monster Hurricane’ Maria devastates Puerto Rico, barrels towards Dominican Republic

Hurricane Maria
Path of Hurricane Maria as it devastates the Caribbean

Hurricane Maria has left Puerto Rico but residents of the island will suffer the devastation left behind by Maria for a very long time.

Maria hit Puerto Rico this morning and left the entire island without power, toppled cellphone towers and damaged homes and businesses.

“We are 100% without power,” a spokesman for the Puerto Rico governor’s office said Wednesday.

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As Maria’s 150 mph winds pummeled the island, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló tweeted that “God is with us. We are stronger than any hurricane. Together we will rise.”

Gov. Rosselló asked President Trump for disaster declaration as more than 11,000 people sought refuge in nearly 500 shelters scattered throughout the island.

Hurricane Maria

A few weeks ago, Puerto Rico escaped the full wrath of Irma but could not escape the strongest hurricane to hit the island in almost 100 years.

Restaurant owner Jean Robert Auguste told the media that “this is going to be a disaster,” as he took shelter from Maria in San Juan Hotel. “We haven’t made any money this month.”

“This is total devastation,” said Carlos Mercader, a spokesman for Puerto Rico’s governor. “Puerto Rico, in terms of the infrastructure, will not be the same. This is something of historic proportions.”

Later today a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew will take effect. It will end Saturday morning, according to an announcement by Gov. Ricardo Rosselló.

So far, seven people have died as a result of Hurricane Maria. Gaston Browne, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda announced Wednesday that the deaths occurred on his island.

Browne said he had been in contact with the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, and was informed of “widespread devastation.”

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Experts say Maria is expected to dump about 18 inches of rain on Puerto Rico before leaving the island for Dominican Republic.

Puerto Rican Olympic gymnast Tommy Ramos said his house is steady but they are scared of the flooding. He is riding out the storm in the northern city of Vega Baja.

“The house is steady,” Ramos told the media. “What scares us is the flooding.”

Aaliyah Bisamber, a resident of St. Croix reported that Maria left devastation throughout the Caribbean Island.

“I was pretty amazed the hurricane had such power to rip off half the house,” she told the media from her home.

“It was really scary. The floors were shaking, the walls, everything was moving and shaking,” he said.
“Here on the island and on the mainland people are trying to get in contact with friends and relatives. … People are desperate to get some news from their friends and relatives.”

Hurricane Maria



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