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Trump’s Crazy FBI, Russia Conspiracy Makes Him Unfit for Office

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U.S. President Donald Trump

At this point nothing should really surprise anyone about how low Donald Trump is willing to go to divert attention from his problems. He will concoct conspiracy theories, lie about anything and anyone if it suits his purpose.

But this morning’s tweet is a new low even by Trump’s already embarrassingly low standards. The President of United States accused the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) of conspiring with Russia and the Democratic Party to meddle in the 2016 elections.

“Workers of firm involved with the discredited and Fake Dossier take the 5th. Who paid for it, Russia, the FBI or the Dems (or all)?” the president tweeted Thursday morning.

How low will this president go?

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Faced with questions about the attack that killed U.S. servicemen in Niger Republic earlier this month, his insulting phone call with the widow of one of those servicemen, his promise to a Gold Star father to write him a check for $25,000 and his failure to come through on that promise, and his false accusation against his predecessor Barack Obama whom he accused of not calling families of servicemen killed in action overseas, Trump resorted to conspiracy theories to divert attention.

This morning he suggested in his tweet that the dossier prepared by a former British intelligence official that implicated Russia in the 2016 presidential election hacking may have been funded by the FBI, Democrats and Russia.

That is remarkable coming from the President.

The President attacked the dossier prepared by Christopher Steele that alleges a tie between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government. While there are areas of the dossier the U.S. intelligence community say they haven’t been able to prove, it is now an acceptable fact that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 elections with the goal of discrediting Hillary Clinton’s campaign and electing Donald Trump.

That much is widely accepted and there shouldn’t be disputes about that. What is not known is the extent of Trump’s knowledge and involvement in the Russian interference.

For example, among the questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller III is attempting to resolve include the following…

Did the Trump campaign know about the attack before it happened or while it was happening?

Did the campaign aid or work with the Russians in any way to meddle in the election?

Did the Trump campaign help the Russians spread false information during the campaign?

How high up did the conspiracy to hack the U.S. election go in the Trump campaign?

Did Mr. Trump personally know, direct or assist the attacks on the U.S. election?

Who in the Trump campaign worked with the Russians, if any?

Was the Trump campaign providing resources to Russian operatives in the U.S. during the campaign?

Do the Russians have damaging information on Donald Trump that might give them leverage over the President? If so, what information do they have?

And more.

“This morning Trump suggested in his tweet that the dossier prepared by a former British intelligence official that implicated Russia in the presidential election hacking may have been funded by the FBI, Democrats and Russia. That is remarkable!”

Mueller’s team recently interviewed Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier but it is not known what the outcome of the conversation was. While Fusion GPS, the company hired to produce the document has refused to testify, company founder Glen Simpson has met with congressional investigators.

Thursday morning Trump called the dossier fake news, “totally made up stuff” and “discredited.” The truth is the dossier has never been discredited and to Trump, any information that does not make him look good is fake news so we can ignore that.

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Most supporters of the president believe everything he says without questioning their validity. They question news stories that impact Trump negatively.

Trump is the President of United States and as such, should be held to a higher standard. His integrity should be above board but when he makes up stuff and lies continuously, it is impossible not to question his integrity.

Go back a few years when Trump was tweeting GOP birther theories that questioned former President Barack Obama’s citizenship and birthplace. Imagine Obama tweeting that such accusations were the result of a collusion among the FBI, CIA, Republican Party and Russia – how do you think most Republicans would take that accusation?

This conspiracy theory by Donald Trump is simply crazy and makes him unfit for the office he holds.



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