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Flag Protest at the Opening of Museum in Mississippi

U.S. President Donald Trump

Mississippi is one of the last states in the union with Confederate Emblem on the state flag and on Saturday 25 people, black and white, many with small confederate stickers over their mouths protested at the opening ceremony for two museums by President Donald Trump.

“Its insulting to the people they claim they’re honoring,” said Aunjanue Ellis, a local actress who led the protest. The actress believes that the confederate flag should not be in any museums and the protesters said they want the Confederate emblem removed from the state’s flag. State officials denied the change of the Mississippi flag in 2001.

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The opening ceremony was the dedication of the Mississippi History and Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. Donald Trump left before the official opening ceremonies.

Trump spoke in Jackson, Mississippi at the opening of the museums but many leaders, including civil rights leader and Georgia congressman John Lewis protested at Trump’s presence at the ceremony.

Many of the black leaders said that Trump inspires racial discord instead of racial harmony. Civil rights icon John Lewis, Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, and Rep. Bennie Thompson and other noteworthy Mississippians boycotted the ceremony citing what they called the president’s lack of support for the spirit of the new institutions.

Lumumba cited Trump for his “pompous disregard” of the values of the civil rights movement.

“Its insulting to the people they claim they’re honoring,” said Aunjanue Ellis, a local actress who led the protest.

In his remarks to the assembled guests, Trump left out the controversy of the protesters but did pay tribute to the heroes of the past saying that Americans should build on freedom, equality, justice and peace.

“The civil rights museum records the oppression, cruelty  and injustice inflicted on the African-American community the fight to bring down Jim Crow and end segregation, to gain the right to vote and to achieve birthright of equality,” Trump said. “This is an incredible tribute to not just the state of Mississippi — a state that I love, a state where I’ve had great success — this is a tribute to the nation at the highest level,” Trump added.

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Jim Hood, Mississippi Attorney General and Democrat turned down an invitation to meet with Donald Trump and instead congregated with the public outside during the ceremony.

Among local leaders who did not attend: former president of the NAACP and Medgar Evers widow Myrlie Evers; Medgar Evers was a former NAACP leader who was assassinated in Mississippi – Medgar Evers brother Charles did greet Trump at the airport in Jackson on the day of the ceremony.



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