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Trump says He Can Beat Oprah Winfrey in 2020 Presidential Race

Oprah Winfrey - Trump thinks he can beat her in 2020
Talk show host Oprah Winfrey - may run in for U.S. president in 2020

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he believes he can beat actress, talk show host and business mogul Oprah Winfrey in 2020 presidential elections should she decide to run.

Trump however, said he does not believe Winfrey will take the necessary steps and run. “I like Oprah and I don’t think she will run,” Trump said adding “but it will be a lot of fun.”

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Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump said while he liked Winfrey, he believes that should he face her in 2020, he would have no problem winning the race.

Oprah gave rise to presidential chatter after delivering a rousing speech at the Golden Globes awards show this past Sunday although she has not said emphatically that she intends to run.

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Those closest to her have indicated that she is “intrigued” by the idea and may be willing to run if Americans want her to do so.

Democrats are giddy at the prospect of presidential run by the talk show host but agree that she has to answer some fundamental questions should she decide to do so.

“For example, where does she stand on the issues? Women’s rights, immigration and more? Also, is she willing to go through the kind of scrutiny that comes with a presidential run?”, asked a Washington D.C., based Democratic insider who spoke on condition of anonymity so he could speak candidly.

“I slept on it and came to the conclusion that the Oprah thing isn’t that crazy. I don’t know if Oprah would be a good president, but she would definitely be a better president than Trump,” Pfeiffer tweeted.

“We see what can happen when we elect a president who is not willing to be forthright with the American people. I am sure most Americans will have issues voting for her if she does not want to open up about how she runs her businesses, for instance,” he added.

Nebraska Democratic Party chairwoman Jane Kleeb said Oprah Winfrey’s credibility will be an asset if she decides to run. “Here’s the thing, I think, with Oprah with women that are in their 30s, 40s and 50s: She was the first kind of serious media personality who on a regular basis told our stories. She was in our living rooms, giving validity to our stories,” said Kleeb.

Experts believe that credibility gives Oprah Winfrey a leg up on other Democrats looking to run in 2020 that she may need more to become the Democratic nominee.

It could also be a huge advantage during the general election match-up against Trump. Democrats believe Winfrey is one of a handful of individuals capable of pulling the focus of the national media away from Trump.

“She is one of a few people out there with the ability to ‘out-Trump trump’. No one else can do it. She is the antidote to Trump that we need,” said the Democratic operative.

Dan Pfeiffer, a longtime top aide to former President Barack Obama tweeted Tuesday that Winfrey becoming the President of United States is not “such a crazy idea.”

“I slept on it and came to the conclusion that the Oprah thing isn’t that crazy. I don’t know if Oprah would be a good president, but she would definitely be a better president than Trump,” Pfeiffer tweeted.

“Oprah is really everything that Trump pretends to be — successful, self-made, generous, charitable, beloved and the list goes on,” said Democratic strategist Jesse Ferguson. “She would be a viable candidate not because of her celebrity but in spite of it,” he added. “She would be a viable candidate because of all she’s accomplished, because of all she’s done for people and because of what she stands for, so it’s very different from Trump.”

Jerry Crawford, a longtime veteran of Iowa presidential politics and Midwest co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign said Winfrey would instantly become a leading candidate should she decide to run for president.

“Oprah Winfrey is as good in a mega-rally-type setting as she is in intimate conversational settings,” Crawford said. “It’s not unusual at the presidential candidate level to find people who are good at one or the other. She can do both.”

“If she actually got into this race, it’s pretty hard to see how she wouldn’t be one of three at the end of the day coming out of Iowa,” Crawford added.

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House minority leader Nancy Pelosi Monday wasn’t so sure about Winfrey’s candidacy.

“I think one of the arguments for Oprah, arguments for Oprah, is 45. I think one of the arguments against Oprah is 45,” Pelosi told reporters, speaking of Trump as the 45th president.



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