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Trump Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani Claims Collision is Not a Crime

Rudy Giuliani - Trump Lawyer

President Donald Trump’s attorney and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani asserted Monday that it is not a crime to collude with other countries to influence U.S. elections.

Speaking on Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends” program, Giuliani declared Trump “innocent” of all crimes adding that only “hacking” can be considered a crime, not collusion.

“I have been sitting here looking in the federal code trying to find collusion as a crime,” Giuliani said. “Collusion is not a crime.” Giulliani had earlier said that even if Trump colluded with the Russians, it would not be a crime.

Speaking later on CNN, Giuliani said since the president did not engage in hacking, he did not commit any crimes.

“The hacking is the crime. The president didn’t hack,” the former New York mayor said.

Moments later, Giuliani reacted to a tweet that called actions by the media “nitpicking and twisting.”

‘”This Russia meeting, I’m happy to tell them, he wasn’t there,”‘

“You can investigate an innocent person forever and forever and find nothing. When do we say enough is enough. No collusion, no obstruction. President Trump did nothing wrong,” Giuliani tweeted in response.

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Trump has asserted many times that he did not collude with the Russians even as evidence mounts to the contrary.

On the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with the Russians, Giuliani declared that since Trump was not there, he didn’t know anything about it.

“This Russia meeting, I’m happy to tell them, he wasn’t there,” Giuliani said.

Trump’s former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen has reportedly said he is prepared to tell special prosecutor Mueller that Trump was told of the meeting in advance and Trump gave his blessing because he was expecting dirt on 2016 presidential opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“I did NOT know of the meeting with my son, Don jr. Sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam,” the president tweeted on Friday.



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