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Decision Day as Americans Cast their Votes

U.S. President Donald Trump

Americans will today cast their votes in what experts say is a referendum on the presidency of Donald Trump.

Sure, Trump is not on the ballot in this midterm but political experts and recent polls indicate that most people will be casting their votes today with one thing on their minds – judging Donald Trump.

Most pundits are predicting a “wave” for the Democratic Party, but no one can say for sure what is going to happen. Most Americans still remember the shock they felt when Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

Recent surveys indicate Democrats should do well. For starters, Trump’s approval rating among minorities is in the dumps.

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In recent CNN and ABC/Washington Post survey released this week, Trump’s approval rating among non-college whites stood at 56%. That represents a drop from his 2016 vote among that group.Among minorities, it stands at about 20 percent.

According to 2016 presidential election exit polls, 67 percent of non-college whites supported Trump, a big enough cushion to give him the White House.

The CNN poll this week shows non-college whites preferring Republicans for Congress by a 20-percentage-point margin, while the NBC/WSJ survey showed them with a 24-point advantage and the ABC/WP put their lead at 25 points.

‘Recent surveys indicate Democrats should do well. For starters, Trump’s approval rating among minorities is in the dumps.’

Where the GOP and Trump are hurting is among minorities and the well-educated.

Among the well-educated especially women, nearly two-thirds said they will support the Democratic candidate over the Republican in their districts. Over 90 percent of Black Americans and 60 percent of Hispanics plan to vote against the GOP. If this bears out, the Democrats stand a chance of having a good night.

From Texas to Arizona and Virginia, liberals have been closing the gap in recent polls. In Texas, Beto O’Rouke and Ted Cruz appeared statistically tied in recent polls but it was not clear from poll results if the younger voters Democrats are counting on will actually vote.



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