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Welcome to The Liberal Advocate News!

We are thrilled you are here. Thank you so much.

The Liberal Advocate News website is a labor of love. My friends and I created this website to give people like us (and that includes you) a place where we can go daily to read news stories, opinions and articles written by Democrats, Liberals and Independents, for Democrats, Liberals and Independents.

Do you remember how you used to enjoy going over to The Huffington Post when the website first launched a few years ago? I know. My friends and I used to frequent the website up to 20 times a day just to make sure we did not miss any important news. Those days, we could count on Huffington Post to cover the news from a liberal point of view.

Today, we no longer enjoy going there. Perhaps you feel that way too? It’s still a wonderful website to visit every once in while,  but for us die-hard Liberals and Democrats, the fun is gone since it’s news coverage and opinion veered right.

That is why we created The Liberal Advocate.

From the name of the website to the color palette, we wanted to make sure there is no doubt about our goal; to create a platform where a Liberal, Democrat or Independent can be free and proud to visit any time and read articles written objectively, and from their point of view.

Here you will find articles written by ordinary folks like us, not TV talking heads. Here you will find insightful articles about the White House, U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and the various States’ governments.

News tip - Send political news tips, videos, links, images to The Liberal AdvocateWe also cover local elections, school board meetings and such.

We hope you will consider joining us by sending news tips, writing articles (if you feel inclined to write) or just sending links to political news in your local newspaper or TV stations’ websites.

You are the reason we created this platform and we need your participation. Without your participation, no one will know what is happening in your city, local city council or state house.

As we head into the upcoming elections, at the local and national levels, it is important that all Democrats, Liberals and Independents participate.

That is how we win. All of Us. We participate, we win. We don’t, we lose. It’s that simple!

Thank you for participating today.

Editor, The Liberal Advocate News.
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